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Christians celebrate Resurrection Sunday or Easter as the Resurrection of Jesus on the third day after He was nailed to the Cross in fulfilment of Scripture.

It is the greatest and the oldest feast on the Christian Calendar worldwide.

Significance of Easter

When we were born, even though we had not sinned we inherited the sin of Adam and eternal death by that sin.

Jesus reversed that through His own death and Resurrection from the dead.

Jesus destroyed the power of Satan over our lives and took the keys of Hell from him. (God died for the ungodly according to scripture in Romans 5:8).

He thus proved that He alone is the Lord of the Universe and the only way to the Father.

Jesus won mankind back to His Father God so that those accepting Jesus’ death and Resurrection will be saved from the wrath to come and receive the promise of eternal life.

Without Jesus, we have no hope.

What is Salvation?

The Good News of Salvation is that Jesus, a Jew, did not come to establish a religion or a cult but a relationship with everyone who are His creation.

By simply accepting His finished work on the Cross, believing in Him that He rose from the dead and declaring that He is our Lord, we are saved.

The Indian Christian Life Centre (ICLC) follows this principle of a relationship with Jesus.

As Senior Pastors, Alice Singh and I answered the call of God to carry the Good News of Salvation by coming to New Zealand and reaching out to the Indian community.

We have been in Auckland for more than 20 years.

From a humble beginning of a small Church in Papatoetoe, we now have two Campuses, one each at Henderson and East Tamaki (Auckland).

We are still growing.

A majority of our congregation are working migrants or students.

They experience the love and power of the Lord through worship and fellowship with other believers. They then get involved in various activities of the Church and every year, we proclaim the Gospel on two major feast days of Christmas and Easter Sunday through worship, music and skits, by dinner.

Resurrection Service

We cordially invite you to our Easter/Resurrection Sunday Service on Sunday, April 16 at 10 am and to our free evening Easter Production at 6 pm followed by dinner.

For reservation of individual, family or group, please call us on (09) 2712191.

Pastor Moses Singh and his wife Alice are Senior Pastors at the Indian Christian Life Centre, 8/23 Springs Road, East Tamaki, Manukau. Email: Web:


Senior Pastors Moses and Alice Singh

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