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Deepak MadhurPerforming artistes win the admiration and loyalty of music enthusiasts and those with a note of humility steal people’s hearts as well.

Among them is Deepak Madhur, a professional Tabla and Harmonium player, who has brought pride and joy to his musical family and inspired scores of youngsters to learn the art.

Musical family

New Zealanders know that his father Dr Sukh Dev Madhur, a proficient Violinist and a retired Lecturer in Music and his younger brother Basant Madhur, a Tabla Master, have brought a refreshing change to the world of Hindustani music with their prowess, willingness to share their knowledge and most important of all, their affable manners and simplicity.

Deepak’s son Akhil is beginning to make waves as a budding artiste, accompanying visiting performers, his father and uncle at local programmes.

Illustrious career

Deepak began his career in Tabla under the tutelage of the Late Pundit Pawan Kumar Verma of the Punjab Gharana and later learnt the art from Ustad Zafar Hussain from the family of Baba Malang, Guru of Ustad Qadir Buhsh.

Deepak was a recipient of the ‘National Talent Search Scholarship in Music’ awarded by the Centre for Cultural Resources & Training.

Sargam School of Music

Migrating to New Zealand in 2008, he joined the Sargam School of Music where he teaches Vocal Music, Harmonium and the Tabla.

Basant Madhur, Principal and Director of the School, said that Deepak will perform at the ‘Global Indian Project,’ scheduled to be held at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre, 524, Blockhouse Bay Road on Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 630 pm.

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