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Stagler Limited, located at 36B Stoddard Road, is a comprehensive accounting practice, bringing together the tenets of good governance, appropriate accountability and correct business practices.

Director Maqbool (Mac) Ahmed says that small businesses are generally driven by a passion for achieving the owners’ desired outcomes.

“Such a desirable outcome is also true of Indian businesses, more so in the case of new migrant entrepreneurs. Many small business owners do not have formal financial management training (that is, they are not accountants or bookkeepers). Restrained further by limited resources, they may not have a qualified accountant in their employment. There is therefore a pronounced need for an accountant who knows the local tax regulations to ensure compliance,” he said.

Mr Ahmed said that prudent entrepreneurs would put in place good financial and tax practices at the commencement of their company, not only to comply with the laws in force but also to foster business growth.

Individual assessment

Stagler Limited assesses each client according to his or her needs, based on the size and operation of the enterprise.

As an accounting firm registered as a Tax Agent with Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for tax compliance and as a full member of the Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (an IRD approved advisory group), this firm is known for its expertise in various areas of accounting.

As well as providing personal and business accounting and tax services, Stagler’s friendly team assesses individual situations and provides tailored solutions.

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