Talent takes new shape at cultural confluence

Venkat Raman – 

Music and dance from North and South India will meet with Western ensemble at a unique programme taking shape in Auckland.

This ‘’Global Indian Project’ will be held at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre located at 524 Blockhouse Bay Road from 630 pm on Saturday, July 25, 2015.

Tabla Master Basant Madhur said that the Programme will bring together a unique ensemble of Indian musical offering with a Western touch.

Unique Combination

“Guests attending the event will be able to experience a combination of Mandolin, Guitar, Tabla, Ghatam, Dholak, Acoustic Drums and the ubiquitous Keyboard. This is one-of-its-type event that will not only celebrate our cultural diversity but also bring to the fore the innate talents of our young people. This is a major effort in creating a platform for promoting cultural fusion,” he said.

A judicious mixture of the fine arts of the East and the West will also provide opportunities for budding talents to express themselves, notable among who will be teenager Akhil Madhur, who plays the Tabla with amazing ease and serenity.

Akhil Madhur

For Web Edition-Talent takes new shape-Akhil MadhurAkhil has inspired hundreds of people in New Zealand with his impressive performances over the past two years. The confidence and maturity that he displays make him a welcome member of any group or performing artiste.

He is now a regular concert accompanist including as a solo Tabla player or as a spirited part of Jugalbandi.

Akhil will be an important part of the forthcoming ‘Global Indian Project.’

Other Performers

Among the other performers are Akhila Puthigae, Ashish Ramakrishnan (Vocal), Basant Madhur (Tabla), Ratna Venkat (Dance), Ravi Nyayapati (Dholak), Rushabh Trivedy (Piano), Saketh Vishnubhotla (Ghatam, Guitar and Mandolin), Shirley Setia (Vocal) and Swap Gomez (Drums).

Basant Madhur established Sargam School of Indian Music in 2006 to provide education and training in Indian Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Preserving Heritage

The School aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural and social heritage of India among the Indian Diaspora and other ethnic groups.

“Music unifies people and creates peace, harmony and goodwill. The forthcoming Programme is essentially one of various artistes showcasing their own talent on a platform that will encourage exchange of cultures. It is not a programme organised by Sargam School of Indian Music, but we are coordinating efforts,” he said.

However, apart from imparting qualitative education, Sargam School of Indian Music has organised several programmes which provide opportunities for its students to present their talent in vocal and instrumental music.

“Our students are of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Fijian, Tongan, Afghani, Chinese, European, American, South African and New Zealander origin. We are proud of our heritage,” Basant said.

He is a well-known and qualified Tabla player. Prior to migrating to New Zealand, he was a ‘Class One’ Artiste of All India Radio and Television channels and has been a regular performer with local, regional, national and international vocalists and instrumentalists, accompanying them in Indian, Pakistani and Western music.

Professional Artiste

Affable manners, positive attitude, humility, competence and high professional standards make Basant a great artiste to perform and work with other performers.

Sargam School of Indian Music also has the benefit of the expertise of his father Dr Shukdev Madhur (Violinist and Music Teacher), who has trained hundreds of students, many of who have become music teachers, lecturers and performing artistes. Dr Madhur shares his time between his native India and New Zealand.

Deepak Madhur migrated to New Zealand in 2008 and commenced teaching Vocal Music, Harmonium and Tabla with his father and younger brother Basant.

The School organises workshops on Tabla and Indian Music at the annual Auckland Diwali Festival held in the Central Business District.


What:  The Global Indian Project

Who:   Sargam School of Indian Music

Where: Blockhouse Bay Community Centre

              524 Blockhouse Bay Road, Auckland

When: Saturday, July 25 at 630 pm

Tickets: $15 per person

Contact: Basant Madhur on (09) 6262646 or 021-0357954

 Email: basant_madhur@ihug.co.nz



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