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If you were a salary or wage earner during the 2011-2012 tax year, you may be able to get a refund.

Such refunds would be considered for taxpayers who have (1) worked while at school (2) worked for part of the year (3) received a lump sum payment (such as a bonus or redundancy) (4) earned less than $9880 (5) had more than one employer during the year (6) have expenses to claim and (7) were entitled to the independent earner tax credit but didn’t claim all of it during the tax year.

You should check to see if you are entitled for a refund.

Online checker

The website of Inland Revenue Department ( has a calculator that can work out your end-of-year tax position quickly and easily.

This calculator will show you if you have a tax refund or tax to pay. Please read the online instructions carefully. Note that you’ll need to enter your income details for the year. You can get these from your online services account.

If you do not have an account with us, you can register online.

If the result of your calculation is a refund, you must request for a personal tax summary. If the result of your calculation is tax to pay, you do not have to do anything, since we would contact you.

You can request a personal tax summary by following the links (Get it done online>Income tax>Request a personal tax summary).

Please note that if you request a personal tax summary and it works out to be tax to pay, you will have to pay that tax. You should therefore check at the outset if you are entitled to a refund!

Web application

You can now use your smartphone or tablet to access your IRD account from anywhere at any time with our new mobile web application.

If you are an individual customer, you can use the mobile web application to (a) register and activate your online services account (b) reset your user ID and password (c) view and amend your personal details including email, address, phone number and bank account (d) view current year student loan balances and repayments, including loan details from StudyLink (c) set up repayment reminders on your calendar if you are an overseas-based student loan borrower and (d) check your balances and payments for Working for Families and child support payments.

If you have an online services account, you can start using the mobile web application straight away. If you do not have an account, you can register either online or through the application.

You should thereafter call us to confirm your identity.

If you have a smartphone, type in your web browser to get the application.

Please check it out and let us know what you think through the public feedback forum built into application.

Free workshops

If you are in business, you may like to attend one of our free tax seminars or workshops held in various parts of the country.

Visit and enter the search term ‘Seminars.’

Abdul Rafik is Inland Revenue’s Community Relationships Advisor based in Auckland. He will answer your queries emailed to

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