Teachings of the prophet transcend time

Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), claimed that every person is born in a state of Islam (submission to God on His Terms in Peace), as a Muslim (MU-Islam means; ‘one who does Islam,” namely submitting to God’s Will and obeys His Commandments).

He said that God created each person in His own image, according to His plan, and that their spirit is His.

As they grow older, they begin to distort their faith according to the influence of the prevailing society and their own prejudices.

The Prophet taught his followers to believe in the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus and to believe in them as true prophets, messengers and servants of Almighty Allah.

Respecting Prophets

He insisted on ranking all the prophets at the highest level without any distinction between them, and ordered his followers to say, “Peace and blessings be upon Him,’ after mentioning their names.

He also taught that the Torah (Old Testament), Zabur (Psalms) and Enjil (Gospel or New Testament) were originally from the very same source as the Holy Quran, from Allah to Angel Gabriel.

He prophesied, predicted and foretold events to come and they happened just as he had said they would.

He mentioned so many things that people of his time could not have known, yet we have seen the evidences manifest over and over throughout the centuries in science, medicine, biology, embryology, psychology, metrology, geology; and even space travel and wireless communications, all of which we take for granted today.

He predicted something from the past that would come true in the future.

The future sign

The Holy Quran states that pharaoh was drowned in the Red Sea while chasing Moses and Allah said He would preserve Pharaoh as a sign for the future.

Dr. Maurice Bucaille, in his book, ‘Bible, Quran and Science,’ confirmed this happening and that the very person of Pharaoh, discovered in Egypt, is now on display for all to see.

Teachings of the Prophet-Interior of the Prophet's Mosque in MeccaThis event took place thousands of years before Prophet Mohammed, but came true in the last few decades, many centuries after his death.

A true Messenger

The Prophet or his followers never claimed that he was a son of God, an incarnation or divine, but he always was and is even today considered as only a Messenger chosen by God.

He insisted that people should praise Almighty Allah alone and not to celebrate him or his companions in any way.

Many people do not hesitate to raise to divinity and even make ‘gods’ out of other individuals, whose lives and missions have been lost in legend.

Historically speaking, none of these legends achieved even a fraction of what Mohammed accomplished.

Uniting people for the purpose of worshipping the One God of Adam and all the other prophets, was his main motivating cause and his striving was for the sole purpose having everyone to understand and follow the codes of moral excellence set forth by Allah in His Revelations.

Today, after a lapse of fourteen centuries, the life and teachings of Mohammed have survived without the slightest loss, alteration or interpolation.

They offer the same undying hope for treating mankind’s many ills, which they did when he was alive.

This is not a claim of the Prophet’s followers, but the inescapable conclusion forced upon by a critical and unbiased history.

The Revelation

Mohammed said that he was a servant, messenger and Prophet of the Almighty God; the same God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon and of Jesus, the Christ, the son of Mary (Peace Be upon Them).

He said that he received revelation from Almighty God (Allah) through Arch Angel Gabriel, calling it the Recitation (Quran).

He ordered people to believe in God as One, without partners, and to follow the Commandments of Almighty God to the best of their abilities.

He forbade himself and his followers from evil practices and filthy habits, showing them the proper ways to eat, drink, perform the daily chores and behave in all relationships.

The Prophet said Almighty Allah had prescribed the dos and don’ts for human beings.

Source: The Prophet of Islam

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