Teenager prepares for Mathematics contest

Local Titirangi and Year 10 ACG Sunderland student Vanshika Nadgir is looking forward to competing in the region-wide Mathex Competition scheduled to be held on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7 pm at the ASB Showgrounds in Kohimarama.

With several years of experience under her belt she is hoping her team will do well.

“I have been asked to be on the team since I was in Year 7. I think what I enjoy most about the competition is the whole experience and the situation. You get put under a significant amount of pressure which teaches you a lot about yourself and prepares you for other pressure situations,” she said.

The Competition

Mathex is an Auckland wide maths competition played in teams of four. Each team gets 20 questions, and their round lasts for 30 minutes. The winning team is the first to gain an absolute score of 100 points or the team that has gained the highest score at the end of 30 minutes. If two or more teams reach 100 points at the same time or have equal scores at the end of 30 minutes, then a tie-break question is given to the teams.

The first team presenting the correct answer is declared the winner.

Musical prowess

Vanshika enjoys the opportunities that she gets at ACG Sunderland, and is involved in music and sports. Recently her band, ‘One Week Behind’ played at the school Battle of the Bands, livening up the audience with their rendition of ‘Up Town Funk.’

Her band also writes original pieces together, which really pushes their musical knowledge and ability to work together.

“I feel that the band fosters a bond with people when you do things as a group. The whole band works together as a team really effectively as we’ve been together for some time now. We’re pretty tight,” Vanshika said.

ACG Sunderland Principal Nathan Villars described Vanshika as a fabulous student and as a real all-rounder.

“She is an outstanding academic; she was second in class, is very sporty, plays in a school netball team and is the drummer in one of the college bands.”



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