The art of forgiving endears all

Forgiveness is a commitment to a process of positive change if you are willing.

As you let grudges go, you will no longer define your life by how you have been hurt but you will find peace, love, compassion, understanding and insight.

Forgiveness can be very challenging.

If you find yourself stuck, consider the situation from the other person’s point of view. Ask yourself why he or she would behave in a particular way.

Consider broadening your view of the world and expect occasional imperfection from people in your life.

Forgiveness can lead into reconciliation and take away a lot of stress and tension.

It can bring tremendous changes to your life including power, confidence, self-respect and happiness.

It would also bring emotional and spiritual healing and well-being.

Forgiveness can take away the power the person continues to wield in your life. It would give you a lot of compassion, empathy and self-esteem.

Forgiveness is a decision to let the resentment and thoughts of revenge to go.

It can lessen the grip of hurt on you and help focus on the positive side of your life.

Positive effects

It is a choice we make through a decision of our will, motivated by the obedience of God and His command to forgive.

When you hold resentment for someone, you are bound to that person by an increasingly strong emotional bond that could put you into lots of stress and you will feel tied up; forgiveness will dissolve that tie and let you be free and you will definitely enjoy that freedom.

Anyone of us can hold a grudge, but it takes a person with character to forgive.

When we forgive, we release ourselves from a painful burden and feel easiness.

Forgiveness is not forgetting; it does not mean what happened was okay or that the other person would still be welcome in your life; you can keep them away if you choose to do so.

Forgiveness is an inner comfort; it means you have made peace with the pain and ready to let it go.

By embracing forgiveness, you can embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy.

It is the straight road to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, with the heart getting lighter and the head clearer.

Dr George Abraham is our Correspondent based in Christchurch. The above article, written for Easter (April 15) is eternally valid.

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