The art of service in times of stress

The insurance industry constantly faces the dilemma of achieving customer satisfaction without comprising systems and procedures. Most customers want immediate settlement of their claims, whereas insurers must ensure that claims meet the criteria and are in line with the insurance policy.

Norysca D’Souza, Office Manager of Time Vision Financial Services Limited believes in travelling an extra mile to examine all avenues to surpass client expectations.

“In my efforts to achieve this goal, I study the market trend, keep in regular contact with my clients and experts in the insurance industry and attend training and up-skilling courses to improve my knowledge of the insurance business,” she said.

She recently qualified as an Authorised Financial Adviser to provide related services under the new legislative environment.

Norysca has extensive experience in some of the best-known companies headquartered in Mumbai, where she was born and educated.

Among the organisations that helped her to progress in her career were Air India, Boots Pharmaceuticals, Garware Plastics & Polyesters, and Johnson & Johnson.

Her tryst with large organisations continued in New Zealand soon after her migration with her husband and children in 1995. Her experience in Auckland City Council and Tranz Rail is proving to be precious for Time Vision Financial Services.

Service under stress

Established by Jack Singh, the Company provides custom-made Life Insurance, and cover for Trauma, Total Permanent Disablement, Income Protection, Medical Insurance and Mortgages.

Mr Singh said customer confidence is vital in the insurance industry.

“Norysca enjoys working and interacting with our clients, who in turn have immense confidence in her. Her business acumen and competence in general administration are valuable to Time Vision and its customers,” he said.

Norysca said her greatest moment of achievement has always been good customer feedback expressing satisfaction.

“Our aim has always been to rise up to the standards and expectations of our customers and serve them during the hour of need and difficult circumstances.

“These could be loss of a dear member of the family, an accident, major illness or loss suffered through other means. It is not easy to cope with such situations but we try to comfort our customers and offer them the best possible service,” she said.

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