The best means of growth come from within

When Indian Newslink was launched in November 1999, there were no other contenders; and yet, we began with principles of honesty and transparency, humility and friendliness and sincerity of purpose and spirit of service.

Eleven years on, we are no longer alone in the market. But our principles have remained steadfast. We have neither discarded those founding ideals nor succumbed to the pressures of competition. We do not subscribe to price wars, because we are aware that our discerning readers, advertisers and well-wishers would want us to remain what we are and serve them with the same fortitude as we have done for more than a decade since the publication came to exist.

We are happy that over the years, Indian Newslink has won a place in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of readers, who have been the strongest source of guidance and patronage. In understanding their needs and evolving tastes, we have established a partnership that has stood the test of time.

Indian Newslink will continue to serve them – you advertisers, readers and well-wishers, because you are master of its destiny.

The Directory

It was in 2003, when Indian Newslink became a fortnightly, that the need for a Business Directory that the Indian business community could call its own became pronounced. We structured this product to reflect the growing importance of Indian businesses in diverse fields – as manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, professionals and others.

The Eighth edition, which is in your hands, is in continuation of that tradition.

As we had written earlier, economic downturn should be perceived as the ideal time to review business plans and strategies and align activities to the market forces and evolving trends.

This Business Directory in itself is a demonstration of the belief in the Indian business community that every cloud has a silver lining and that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

The Business Awards

While New Zealand companies are recognised for their role in promoting economic growth or their own entrepreneurial competence through business awards sponsored by financial institutions, city councils and others, there was no avenue to recognise the Indian business sector. A need therefore existed to institute awards that would reward successful businesses owned and operated by the Indian Diaspora.

We launched the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards (IBA) in 2008 to reward business successes and motivate our people to pursue excellence and foster productivity and profitability.

IBA has today become an important brand, and the Awards Presentation Ceremony (held in November) the most significant event in the Indian business calendar.

Journalism Scholarship

As a part of our national and professional responsibility, we designed the Indian Newslink Scholarship Scheme to encourage young and creative minds to pursue the journalism course at the AUT University and become responsible and successful media persons. Indian Newslink sponsors one candidate every year, subject to the prescribed rules and regulations of AUT and terms and conditions.

The Scheme is open to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, irrespective of their ethnicity. The first recipient is currently pursuing the journalism course at the AUT University.

We believe that these brands bespeak our commitment to the community, the society and the country, promoting values that are inimitable and endearing. These brands are growing in strength, thanks to the support and patronage of the business community including sponsors and advertisers and our readers and well-wishers.

As these products flourish as Indian Newslink brands, we would like to raise a toast to all those who have been a part of these during their formative years, those who came and went in later years, those who form the current team and those who continue to support these in one form or the other.

From editors, reporters and stringers and thumbnail artists, layout personnel and production experts to marketing executives, distributors, sponsors, advertisers, readers and well-wishers, we say, “These brands have become successful because of your encouragement and patronage. We salute you!”

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