The man and his first flying machine

The man and his flying machine- Laurence BinghamAn exclusive story of an extraordinary Aucklander

Second in a series of several parts

Do you believe in life after death? If you do, have you had any flashback of a life that you had led 100 years ago? Were you in the court of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805? You were perhaps one of the Gopis in Krishna’s Vrindavan more than 5000 years ago?

Among them is 83-year-old Laurence Bingham, who lives in Auckland. His self-narrated story will appear in several editions of Indian Newslink.

Flying machine

The first experience I had was in 1942 when I was ten years old.  We were living in a rented house in Rangiora, a small town in Canterbury north of Christchurch.

One summer evening, I was alone playing on the front lawn. I had few toys and wanted an aeroplane. I had a square of cardboard cut from a cereal packet, about eight inches (20 cm) on a side.

I punched holes in each corner and tied a length of sewing cotton through each hole and knotted the four together. Held in one hand, it could be spun and wound up. Released, the cardboard would unwind by spinning.

This was my imaginary flying machine. Gradually a strange feeling came over me and I could ‘see’ in my mind a real flying machine. It was like a platform with a revolving part underneath it.

At that time, I did not think of it as a past life – just a feeling that somewhere, somehow I had flown such a machine. I never told anyone about it, later forgot about it.

I remembered the incidence in 1948 when the model aircraft that ‘I built and flew’ started to include helicopters. It was not a helicopter but similar.

The first memory that I had that was certainly from a past life without any doubt about it, which was a revealing and emotional experience, happened in 1948 when I was sixteen; and that follows.

List of Past Lives

(In order of rememberance)

Japanese woman ninja; Rhododrendon and bees (life and death on the Steppes); Earthquake in Gok; Indian Tantra two spirits revealed; Egyptian village life and death; Hunting the European rhino; Chan Buddhist life in China; Classical Musician in Pre-World War France; Philadelphia, USA, ‘The Flapper Era’; Inca- exteriorisation – prediction of Spanish invasion 16th century; Xi Xia Kingdom in what is now North West China; Samurai followed by retirement; Death at seven years in a flood Han Chinese; Learning from a Guru in India; Roman mother with children in 100 AD; As a woman in 18th Century France; Prehistoric – early Holocene

(to be continued)

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