The other side of Simon Bridges goes live on Sevenz TV

A score of personalities cheerlead the new Internet offering

Venkat Raman
Auckland, May 23, 2020

Simon Bridges-At the core, a husband and a parent

A leader, now at the risk of going into oblivion, rises above politics to speak about self as an ordinary New Zealander, a restauranteur, who probably giggles away the Covid-19 closure to prepare for the new normal challenge and a school that partners with the community to nurture generations – these are the heroes of the week at a people’s free-to-view internet-based TV channel.

A score of people- lawmakers, businesspersons, community leaders, volunteers and others- were the cheerleaders who welcomed the new initiative through video clips that were presented on the social media platform, complimenting the launch yesterday- Friday, May 22, 2020.

The programmes can be viewed at

Elegance and Creativity

Elegance, creativity, and orderliness are the hallmarks of the new online television, offered by ShobSonu Limited, an Auckland based company owned by Shoba Sonu and Sonu Kumar along with their (only) daughter Bharati. There is a certain definitive and yet casual approach to the interviews that helps to make Sevenz TV a source of endearment.

It also makes the viewer look forward to the ensuing Friday, when a new set of programmes are uploaded on the website.

Running a television progamme on a meagre budget (Shoba and Sonu are not media barons or millionaires or have the luxury of opulent underwriters) is in itself a challenge by the passion that has been invested into this venture is inspiring.

Sevenz TV will feature, week after week, three main segments- ‘Business Profile,’ highlighting the success of a venture and the person behind it, ‘This is Me,’ a light-hearted conversation with a prominent person on everything other than his or her business or job and ‘Showcase,’ bringing to the fore a project or a programme that makes a difference in the community.

This is Me

National Party MP Simon Bridges is indubitably the mainstay of the maiden episode, not because it was launched hours before he lost his job as the Leader of the National Party and Leader of the Opposition, but because he revealed that beyond all those rhetoric and attacks on the government and the minute-to-minute schedule as a Minister of the Crown in his earlier Avatar, he is a dutiful husband and father and a simple New Zealander.

Shoba Sonu, who has interviewed people for this week’s segment, said that every celebrity is looked upon with respect and awe.

“While being a role model for several people, they are also considered lucky and special. Their personalities and characteristics are strongly associated to the post they hold or the identity that they represent. However, ‘This is Me’ presents the other side of the person- the real side. Afterall, everyone has to go home at the end of the day and be a part of a family,” she said.

Business Profile

Yash Narula (PepperJacks) on being the flavour of communities

We have known Yash Narula for more than 20 years as a Business Development Manager (Trade Publications) and as a Sales Manager (Hospitality New Zealand and Penthouse Suite, a hospitality software company) but communities know him better as a Restauranteur (Smokey’s Char-grill & Ice Cream, Giggles Café & Grill and since 2014 PepperJacks) in Auckland.

He speaks to Shoba about his four decades in the hospitality industry and what has made his restaurants the flavour of a cross-section of the people.

“Every individual has something special. However, the way they exhibit their potential differs. Yash Narula represents the qualities of a good entrepreneur- passion, patience, perseverance,  promotion and the success of ‘PepperJacks,’ a restaurant located the pristine setting of Beachlands is truly a source of inspiration,” she said.

Show Case

Bringing up children with a balanced diet is a social and community challenge and a formidable exercise for schools where they spend most of the day. Primary schools around the world have therefore put in place some form of Midday Meals Scheme but the question is, “Is it healthy?’

Healthy Eating for children- Brenda Martin, Principal, Wesley Primary School

Answering that question is Wesley Primary School located at Potters Avenue in Mount Roskill, Auckland. The School’s ‘Healthy Eating Project,’ developed in consultation with the community, health experts and nutritionists, is a model for social cohesion.

Vegetables grown at the School’s community garden are used for cooking at the School kitchen in which teachers and students participate to provide healthy eating.

The Programme also promotes healthy cooking habits and helps children with weight issues, in order to enhance their health.

“These modules would serve as an educative and inspirational platform for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. They would also provide a perfect branding platform for those sharing their success stories,” Shoba said.

About Sevenz TV

Shoba, Sonu and Bharati promise that ‘Sevenz TV,’ will bring you information, education, entertainment, amusement and more, on to your Television sets.

As an internet based, free-to-view service, it can be accessed from any device- your television set, laptop, Notebook smartphone and other devices, anytime from anywhere, so long you have the appropriate connections.

New programmes will be uploaded every Friday and can be seen throughout the following seven days. Archived material may be available on the Channel’s website.

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