The Poetic genius of Noshi Gilani in Auckland

Venkat Raman

One of the most versatile and candid poets of the modern era will participate at what promises to be the finest of Urdu literature in Auckland next week.

Noshi Gilani, who has earned enviable reputation as a ‘Female Poet with courage and power of creative thought’ will participate in the ‘Adabi Nashist’ (Literary Session) on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Road, Auckland at 615 pm followed by dinner.

Third in an annual series, the event is being organised by Bazm-e-Adab New Zealand with Mohammed Tauqir Khan, a veteran of the travel industry and Urdu language, known to us for nearly two decades as ‘Piami,’ will be the Chief Guest.

Education and Migration

Born and raised in Bahawalpur in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, Ms Gilani became a resident of San Francisco in USA. Following her marriage to Saeed Khan, also a poet, she moved to Sydney in Australia

Her mother, Sarwar Gilani was a Professor of Urdu and Persian at the Islamia University of


Life in the USA fostered Ms Gilani’s penchant for freedom of expression and uninhibited thoughts conveyed through poetry. Interaction with the Pakistani Diaspora in general and poets and laureates in particular, increased the complexity of her poems and reinforced her sense of female identity. These in turn have enabled the furtherance of a new revolution against restraint creative writers in Pakistani society.

Global audience

Bazm-e-Adab New Zealand President Adnan Mirza said that lovers of poetry and chaste Urdu can expect an evening of exhilarating poetry at the forthcoming event.

“Noshi Gilani is one of the leading poets of her generation. The candour and frankness of her highly-charged poems is unusual for a woman writing in Urdu. She has an admiring and spirited international audience and has captivated people with her creative ingenuity in poetry. She performs regularly at large gathering of bards and lovers of poetry across the Continents, including Pakistan, Australia, Canada and the USA,” he said.

Significant Works

Mr Mirza said that among her most significant works of Ms Gilani include ‘Aakhri Khawahish,’ ‘Mohabatain Jab Sumar,’ ‘Kurna,’ ‘Udas Honay Kay Din Naheen’ and ‘Pehla Lafz Mohabat Likha.

“Her selected poems such as ‘Ay Meeray Shareek-E-Risal-E-Jaan,’ ‘Hum Tera Intezaar Kurtey Rahey,’ ‘Hawa Chupke se Kehti Hai’ are indicative of her passion for Urdu poetry.

She is the Co-Founder of the Urdu Academy of Australia based in Sydney. Established in 2009, the Institution promotes Urdu Poetry and Literature throughout Australia,”, he said.

Invitation Contacts

Indian Newslink is the Media Partner of ‘Adab Nashist,’ entry to which is by invitation.

For further information, please contact Adnan Mirza on 021-661993; Mohammad Nasir on 022-3415909; Muhammad Nadeem on 021-0505793; Farah Alvi on 021-869165; or Hummaira Anwar on 022-1049912

Picture of Noshi Gilani from Facebook


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