The Return of Narendra Modi spells better times for India

The Return Narendra Modi spells better times for India

Captain Shekhar Vadke

Auckland, May 24, 2019

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives a giant floral garland from Party leaders at their Headquarters in New Delhi yesterday (May 23, 2019). (AP Photo published at

Now that the results are out and Narendra Modi is back in the saddle and can concentrate on the programme of economic upliftment.

In 2014 elections, BJP and Allies received a massive mandate with a three-pronged attack.

Captain Shekhar Vadke (Picture Supplied)

India, under Congress (read as former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh) was stuck in a rut. The second prong was dynastic rule.

India was being ruled from Italy? (Read Quattrochi) and scandals (Bofors et al).

It was a Contract Raj.

People of India voted to give a mandate to a ‘New Chowkidar,’ as Narendra Modi is affectionally addressed, of the nation’s interests.

The stark difference

Our nationalist feeling was at the nadir. 26/11 was a harsh reminder. Terrorists walking in and playing havoc in Mumbai and the then Dr Singh not agreeing to a retaliatory attack (though the armed forces were pleading with him).

People can see the stark difference now.

Modi, with his surgical strikes and after Pulwama attack gave a carte blanche to the armed forces to do everything that needed to be done and struck terror in the enemy’s heartland destroying terrorist training camps at Balakot.

Instead of applauding him, the so-called Mahagathbandhan (described as Khichdi, and that too undercooked) tried to spread doubts about the validity of the attack. This misfired miserably.

Sonia, Rahul misfit

Sonia Gandhi, inspite of her Christian roots, forgot what Jesus said about casting the first stone. It was ridiculous to watch Pappu (Rahul Gandhi) trying to create doubts about the Rafael Deal (French fighter jets vital for India’s defence) after the Bofors fiasco.

He had to apologise to the Supreme Court for “Chowkidar Chor Hai’ (The Chowkidar is a thief). The nation was watching.

Something forgotten by the High Command (not so high anymore) that people are not gullible anymore to be swayed by dynastic aura.

About 100 million new voters voting for the first time after 2014, knowledgeable and communication savvy and not likely to be swayed blindly made the difference this time.

As predicted in my previous column (Indian Newslink, April 20, 2019), DMK, Jagmohan Reddy made comebacks and in style.

Mamata Banerjee (TMC) and her divisive politics were given a resounding answer.

In the states where Congress had scrapped together enough votes to form Government (Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan), it was a total wipe out for them.

Complete rejection and the dynasty’s (ex-rulers and their brood) shown the door.

Modi promises bright future

Post elections Mr. Narendra Modi has promises to deliver as he did with the promises in 2014. His achievements Swacha Abhiyaan, toilets in every village, total ban on ablutions in the open, subsidised gas connections, CGT, eradication of black money, transport networks, electrification of rural India and fighting droughts and natural disasters on a war footing.

Raising India’s standing in the world (The World Bank and International Monetary Fund now call India the fourth largest economy and a star in the developing world).

No major communal incidents have happened during his tenure (Babri Masjid was demolished when P V Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister).

The moral of India’s Defence Force is at an all time high.

The world will be watching and Indian youth hoping that this is a mandate for economic progress which will translate into jobs.

Challenges for Modi

Astrologically, 7/22 Saturn goes into Kumbha Rashi – stars may not favour Mr Modi and BJP but Karma stands supreme.

There is also a likelihood of confrontation on our borders with Pakistan/China April 2020 to June 2020 but fortunately now we have a Chowkidar who follows Lord Krishna’s mantra “Arise Arjuna.”

Those anti-nationals, flag burners and pseudo secularists and those who pride themselves as “Aulad of invaders into India” will do well to remember that India is also the “Aulad” of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh, Bhagat Singh and they have spoken through votes.

There is an accusation against Mr Nodi of arrogance.

What would you rather have? A weak PM waiting for instructions or a decisive and proud (of his heritage) one?

Will the Congress wake up and find the right person (from India’s population of 130 million) to lead itself or as the song goes “Pappu can’t dance sala” and history will repeat itself?

Captain Shekhar Vadke is a Master Mariner, a qualified and ‘genuine’ Astrologer. He is also an expert in ‘Vastu Sastra,’ the Science of Architecture, which has a large following all over the world. Those who have adhered to his advice have been successful in their professional and personal lives. Captain Shekhar lives in Auckland and can be contacted on 021-2363057. Email:

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