The scary world of texts gets sexpletive

Anand Mokashi

It would be stating the obvious to mention that teenagers love their smartphones.

It is imperative to question however as to whether this has gone beyond a trend and turned into something more sinister.

Are teenagers literally addicted to their devices? This is an important question for parents and anyone who cares about the future of technology and society in general. Are today’s teens turning into smartphone junkies?

More importantly, what are they doing all the time with great concentration and diligence?  What are those crazy words, abbreviations and signs which would bewilder even the most learned English Language teacher?

Welcome to the sneaky world of teen texting codes.

Initially created for convenience and to send fast, crisp messages like the telegrams of the past, these have evolved into highly incomprehensible stealth codes.

The basic skillset consists of the ability to freely use and understand simple and innocuous abbreviations like the following:


LOL = laugh(ing) out loudTYVM = thank you very much
GR8 = greatIMHO = in my humble opinion
BRB = be right backJK = just kidding
L8R = laterWUF – Where You From
NP = no problemIRL = in real life
TTYL = Talk to you laterWYD= what you doing?


This advanced level is the one to potentially worry about. Here the range of the conversation can transcend to the Red zone. In this world it goes like this:

ASL – Age/Sex/LocationLMIRL – Let’s meet in real lifeMOS/POS – Mom/Parent over the shoulder
CD9 – code 9, parents around1174 – Meet at a party spotFWB – Friends with benefits
53X– sneaky way to type “sex”99 – Parents are goneWTTP- Want to trade

photos? (often inappropriate)

2BZ4UQT– Too busy for you, cutieADR- What’s your addressLH6 – Let’s have sex
PAL – Parents are listening

PIR – Parent in Room

TWD – Texting while driving**// – Wink, wink; nudge, nudge
KOTL – Kiss on the lipsTDTM – Talk Dirty To MeKPC –  Keeping parents clueless
SorG – Straight or Gay?A3 – Anytime, Anyplace,


BBSD – Be back soon, darling
1174 – Nude Club143 /459 – I love you

1432 – I love you too

88 – Hugs and kisses
8 – It means ate, or oral sex182– I hate youS2R – Send to receive (usually   inappropriate photos)


Scary but this is unfortunately the reality today. It is a world full of movies and TV shows that titillate, videos games which are overtly sexually explicit, where right and wrong are variables that are a function of time.

What can parents and guardians do?

Very little, but there are some bright spots.

If the upbringing has been or, where there is time, can be grounded in sound values and led by personal example, most children will realise and set their own limits.

So, there is no need to do much. Nevertheless, now that you are armed with a bit of these teenage jargons, next time you see your teenager at home lost in the cyberworld, have a quick peek and read, because WTSiWTM (What they say is what they mean).

Anand Mokashi is an IT Lecturer, Consultant and Digital Media Specialist with a passion for all things online. Email:

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