The story behind a Bollywood spectacle

How can a group of young Indian Kiwis create the world’s first ‘Bollywood 360°’ live Bollywood show?

Akshita Nama, Director of Indiance and her committee, who have been working on this concept for the past 18 months, would mesmerise the audience on stage.

They have been devising a sound plan to execute an exciting and stimulating experience for the audience.

It will be showcased at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre arena in July.

Why Bollywood 360°?

The concept was born at a concert attended by Akshita and her husband Pranesh at the Telstra Clear Pacific Centre almost two years ago.

Unheard of spectacle

Their vision was to utilise their huge cast and create a Bollywood spectacle, never seen before in New Zealand.

The Committee endorsed their idea but their reaction was mixed. They were apprehensive whether it would be possible to produce and present a programme of such great magnitude and mobilise the necessary financial, human and material resources.

A lengthy discussion ensued and among the other issues considered were the involvement of the actors, performers and others at Indiance, so that it could truly be a combined effort of all.

When the project was finally approved, there was renewed enthusiasm and confidence in Akshita and Pranesh.

Complicated design

Her stage design was complicated and never attempted before.

It comprised a five stage set up with the main stage measuring 9.6 metres X 14.4 meters, with an extra layer of stage to make it higher.

The five stages have been designed to gain maximum use of the five main areas of the arena seating at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, with the centre stage holding most of the talented dancers and actors.

Coordinating all the actors and dancers has been a time consuming process but we are confident that it will prove to be a worthwhile exercise.

Similarly, the efforts and time taken to set the light effects, entrances and exits will enable the audience to enjoy the performance.

Dynamic feel

The extra level and runways between the stages will give a dynamic feel to the show and keep audiences in rapt attention.

In addition to great production value, stage settings, lights and sound, music and dance would make Bollywood 360° an event to remember.

Indiance has created a show that will be so different with new experience for Kiwi and Indian audiences that it would be the first and only one of its kind.

It would be a show filled with passion, dance, talent and of course Bollywood.

For further details, please visit

Rahul Parbhoo is a member of the Indiance Committee based in Auckland.

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