Tight budget would not harm growth

National is firmly focused on building a stronger economy and better public services. As we look to deliver our third Budget this week, I want to outline some important priorities for National.

We are working hard to build a stronger economy because that is the only way we will deliver more jobs, higher incomes, and the public services that the Indian community deserves.

It has been a tough few years. The two earthquakes and other major events we have faced come at a significant cost to the Government, but they are one-off costs. That is why National is pressing on with our wider economic programme.

The Budget will focus on building faster economic growth around higher national savings, setting a credible path back to surplus and the repayment of debt, and rebuilding Christchurch.

We will restrain new spending and prioritise it towards health, education, and justice.

We have already made significant pre-budget announcements that are great news for you and your family.

Along with Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, I announced a comprehensive $55.2 million, three-part Youth Employment Package.

Youth were the hardest hit in the economic recession, and hence we are putting plans in place to help get them into good jobs and training.

I know how damaging a long period of unemployment can be for a young person starting out.

This is about giving young people the skills they need to succeed and contribute to our economy.

The package will help about 13,000 young people over four years.

National is offering employers $5000 in subsidies to take on an unemployed young person and provide training opportunities.

We are also expanding our successful Limited Service Volunteers programme, which is a six-week course delivered by the Defence Force.

It gives young unemployed people basic military and life training skills so that they have the confidence and motivation to find a job.

Health Minister Tony Ryall has also announced extra funding to help mothers and babies in Budget 2011. An extra $54.5 million over four years means our public health service will be able to give pregnant women, new mothers, and babies the extra support they need.

Initiatives include more WellChild visits with a focus on new mothers, local clinical reviews of all births, and making sure new mothers have access to the health and social services they need.

John Key is Prime Minister of New Zealand. The above article is exclusive to Indian Newslink ©


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