Tourism Ambassador attracts globetrotters

Guests at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards held last week in Auckland would have been pleasantly surprised to see the winners of ‘Five Crowns New Zealand’ in their presence.

Among them were Lauren Watkins (Regional Winner from Christchurch), Brooke Teura (Regional Winner from Auckland South), Johannah Prasad (Miss Five Crowns New Zealand 2016 Supreme Winner from Masterton), Jade Norman (Regional Winner from Auckland West) and Vandhana Vikash (Regional Winner from Auckland Central).

Indian Newslink proposes to feature them individually again in our Model of the Fortnight column in ensuing issues.

We have pleasure in featuring Jade Norman, who was recently crowed ‘Miss Tourism New Zealand 2016.’
Following is a report from Pam Cummings, Director of Miss Five Crowns New Zealand and a member of the Panel of Judges of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.

tourism-ambassador-attracts-pam-cummingsPam Cummings
The main aim of the Miss Tourism beauty pageant is to promote the tourism and culture of the country it is held in each year.

Each year, there is a new host country, and this year is yet to be confirmed.

Miss Tourism helps these nations to attract domestic and international visitors and investors.
Jade will be an amazing Tourism Ambassador for New Zealand and will showcase her country through videos and appearances. She will promote what New Zealand offers as an exciting travel destination.

Aspiring actress
Jade is 24 years old, an aspiring actress and an experienced dressage rider with her own horses. She is an only child who is thankful to her supportive family who always encourage her.

Not only is she now a beauty queen with her own crown and sash, but also holds many other titles. Jade has won Top 5 at Arab Showing Nationals, is the Regional Auckland Young Rider Dressage Champion and the Senior West Auckland Rider at Pony Club.

Always working harder to better herself and reach her goals, nothing can stop Jade!

Sponsoring children
She now sponsors two children through Variety – ‘The Children’s Charity’ and has worked hard to organise amazing fundraisers to collect money for charity. Her efforts will help these two young Kiwi children through Variety New Zealand’s – Kiwi Kid Sponsorship Programme, and these funds will provide for their school books, clothing, bedding and more.

“I would like to inspire and encourage others to embrace who they are for their uniqueness and individuality. Because I know that once I did that so many doors and opportunities opened for me. I believe that when someone is true to themselves and has confidence in who they are, then they have the power to achieve anything they want in life. I would also like to continue to do charity work as I find it very rewarding,” Jade said.

When Jade is not riding a horse or practicing her catwalk with choreographer Georgette Jackson, she is on the set as an extra, and features in New Zealand Television shows.

We know big things are to come for this beautiful blonde with a passion for helping others.
Choreographer and Contestant Manager Georgette Jackson joins me in wishing Jade well. We know that she will do New Zealand proud.

Pictures of Jade Norman are by Shaun Noick.

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