Trust plans Sports, Community Awards

A charitable organisation has initiated sports and community awards to recognise and reward people with outstanding achievements among people of Indian origin (PIO) in New Zealand.

Sports Recreation and Outdoors Trust (SPROUT) has introduced ten categories of awards that would honour the younger and senior members of the Indian community selected in various categories.

Trustee Munish Bhatt said the scheme, called, ‘Indian Community and Sports Awards’ (ICSA) will recognise Indian sports people at the grassroots level in pursuit of excellence and honor the outstanding contributions by Indians in the community.

“The main objective of these annual awards is to promote community development and sports within the Indian community. ICSA will identify, acknowledge, appreciate and honour not only individual talents but also the organisations that have supported the society,” he said.

SPROUT was officially launched on November 23, 2008 to encourage PIO to participate in outdoor sports activities, foster their health and good habits and augment community relationship (Indian Newslink, January 15, 2009).

Mr Bhatt said the Organisation, incorporated as a charitable, not-for-profit entity, aims to educate, encourage, promote and provide opportunities for PIO in sports, recreation and outdoor pursuits.

“As well as aiming to optimise the wellbeing of the Indian community, we hope to provide a platform for every Indian to perform well in outdoor activities. We would like to enable the members of the community to increase their physical activity and have an active lifestyle,” he said.

Last year, SPROUT won the ‘Sports and Leisure’ category of the Infratil Community Awards 2011.

Entry dates

The qualifying period for nominations will be open from April 1 to March 31, 2012, Nominations are open to people of Indian origin who are involved in community work, volunteering or have represented their chosen sports at a local, regional or international level, he added.

“The closing date for receipt of nominations is April 22, 2012,” Mr Bhatt said.

A panel of judges will evaluate the entries and the winners in various categories will be presented with their awards at a presentation ceremony due to be held on May 26, 2012 at Sudima Airport Hotel in Auckland.

The categories

The Award categories are 1. Sportsman of the Year 2. Sportswoman of the Year (awarded to male and female adults in the respective categories, who have excelled as individuals or in a team in one or more sports) 3. Junior Sportsman of the Year 4. Junior Sportswoman of the Year (awarded to young men and women under 21 years of age in the respective categories who have excelled as individuals or in a team in one or more sports) 5. Community Volunteer of the Year (awarded to a volunteer who works passionately for the betterment of the community) 6. Community Organisation of the Year (awarded to an organisation that has provided substantial benefits to the Indian community through desired statistical outcomes) 7. International Student of the Year (an international student who has made a difference in the New Zealand community) 8. Senior Citizen of the Year (a person of 60 or more years of age who has made a positive contribution to New Zealand) 9. Sports Supreme Award (Selected from the winners of the four sports categories and 10. Sudima Community Supreme Award (Selected from the winners of the four community categories).

For further details about the Awards and nomination form, visit the Sprout website ( or call Aditee Naik on 022-1608713.


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