Unitec student scores at IBM Delivery Centre

Although he is one of the top students of graduate diploma course in Computing at Unitec, Vincent Wong was faced with the dilemma which eventually confronts most new graduates – how do you find work in your specialised field when prospective employers usually demand prior experience?

Fortunately for Vincent, the opening of the IBM Delivery Centre at Unitec provided an opportunity for him to gain that all-important experience.

Useful experience

“My main reason for approaching IBM Delivery Centre first was to increase my industry experience. Although I knew I would be competing with other strong Unitec students for one of their Software Development roles, it was just too good to miss the opportunity,” he said.

However, he admitted that he was nervous during the application process.

“The initial online registration was fine as it gave me a chance to show which of my course papers had given me the required skills. But interviews are always slightly stressful, because you are never sure what questions would be asked,” he said.

Nervous interview

Vincent obviously excelled during the interview as he was offered a role with IBM.

“The work that I have been doing for IBM has certainly lived up to my expectations. It is exciting, and at times challenging. We are constantly introduced to new technologies and problem solving techniques,” Vincent said.

“I appreciate all the efforts that IBM has made to match students with appropriate projects so that their abilities are fully utilised. And my Unitec studies have formed the foundation on which I’ve developed all my subsequent work skills.”

“Even if those first steps are the hardest, my overall IBM experience has been great. Although I could always see how much I would gain by working with them, perhaps others need to consider what they could lose by not doing so.”

If you are interested to know how Information and Communications Technol­ogy changes people’s lives, visit www.computing.unitec.ac.nz

If you want to work part time while you study or need a hand paying for your studies, please visit www.unitec.ac.nz/ibmdeliverycentre for more information

Unitec is the Sponsor of the Business Excellence in Innovation Category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2013

Photo : Vincent Wong

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