Vanessa Slowey speaking at the launch

A new remittance service to the Pacific Island countries offering a number of other facilities was launched in Auckland on October 6, claiming that at a flat fee of $3, it was cheaper than most others in the market.

The Digicel Mobile Money Service is available for customers remitting money to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

Digicel Pacific Chief Executive Vanessa Slowey said that the Service is quick and simple to use, enabling people in New Zealand to send money direct to any Digicel mobile phone in the three countries through the Company’s website anytime (

She said ‘money on the phone’ can be used as a mobile wallet to buy food and household goods, pay bills, buy or send Digicel Top Up credit, or withdraw cash. “Purchases and cash withdrawals can be made at over 300 participating stores and service agents throughout the Pacific Islands.” she said.

It is understood that Digicel customers in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga are already using mobile wallets for domestic transactions and that the money transfer service is ‘an additional innovative product.’

“The service will expand to all Digicel Pacific countries,” Ms Slowey said.

Financial Inclusion Advisor and Project Manager, Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme Tillman Bruett said international remittances were a major source of financial security for households across the Pacific and a significant contributor to economic activity in many countries.

“Cheaper, more convenient and faster remittances will make a big difference in the lives of Pacific Islanders and we are happy to work with Digicel and its partners in this effort,” he said.

A press note said that new Mobile Money service complements ongoing initiatives to introduce competition and lower remittance fees by New Zealand’s Pacific Island Affairs Foreign Affairs ministries as well as AusAid, the World Bank and the Pacific Financial Inclusion Fund.

“The facility has been structured as a collaboration between Digicel Pacific Limited and KlickEx, a New Zealand registered online currency exchange platform,” the press note said.

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