Waitakere Indian Association elects new officials

Sunil Kaushal

Auckland, September 13, 2017

Waitakere Indian Association (WIA) has elected the full slate of officers and board members the year 2017-2019 at their recent AGM meeting held on Sunday, September 10, 2017 in Auckland.

“Our new and existing Board members embody the spirit of community and bring talent, expertise and energy to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue to strengthen community in Waitakere,” President Mahendra Sharma said.

Significant contributors

Speaking at the event, Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Alfred Ngaro said that the Indian community has been contributing positively not only to the New Zealand economy but also culturally and events such as Holi and Diwali brings all Kiwis together to celebrate the great diversity in our country.

Partnership with Best Education

A new partnership was also signed between WIA and Best Pacific Institute of Education. Speaking on behalf of Best Pacific Institute of Education, Community Development Manager Li ‘Ilolahia said, “Partnership with Waitakere Indian Association is a pivotal for the growth of education sector in West Auckland as the institute provides free education for various courses and the ethnic people can increase their skills by availing such opportunities provided by Best.”

WIA trustees also honoured five new life members who have not only contributed to the welfare of the Indian Diaspora in West Auckland but also to the community at large.

There are more than 180,000 Indians living in New Zealand and Hindi is the fourth largest spoken language. Since its formation in 2000, Waitakere Indian Association has been working with various government agencies and local Indian associations in promoting, advocating and integrating the Indian Diaspora, culture and values with the Kiwi way of life.

WIA is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization open to all. Our mission is to build a sense of community and common purpose throughout the region, and to enhance the recreational, educational, cultural, health and social well-being of the Indian Diaspora in Waitakere, Auckland.

For more information about Waitakere Indian Association, please call 021-2804189.

Website: www.waitakereindianassociation.nz

Executive Committee of 2017-2019

President: Mahendra Sharma; Vice President: Sunil Kaushal; Secretary: Junita Sen;

Assistant Secretary: Sanjay Datt Sharma; Treasurer: Naveen Prakash: Executive members

Mohini Prakash, Manoj Tahal, Sunil Chandra, Preeya Prakash, Chandrika Prasad, Madhav Pradhan, Nawal Prakash, Kajal Kumar, Michelle Prasad

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