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Shen Yun, the world-renowned show company, will bring back a piece of long-lost history to New Zealand audiences.

The three-day show will be held at Aotea Centre from April 7 to April 9, 2017.

Since its inception, this classical Chinese dance company has displayed a pageantry of dance and music and amusing Chinese civilisation with dancers spinning and leaping through the air in brilliant handmade costumes.

Shen Yun has toured to over 100 cities worldwide, performing in front of millions across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

One of its trademarks is that each new season, the company creates a new production, which remains secret until the opening night.

Divine interaction

But popularity is not the only reason why you should experience Shen Yun.

Perhaps because of its profound mission, watching Shen Yun gives you the feeling of partaking in something historic, in the resurrection of a long-lost world.

It is the world of ancient China, the Middle Kingdom that can no longer be seen even in China today. It is a world where divine beings and humans interact, a magical world of myth and legend.

It is a world that speaks a universal language. The performance includes bilingual MCs who provide brief preludes to each story.

But more importantly, classical Chinese dance and music speak directly to the heart, resonating with the audience on many levels.

Hindi film actress and film producer Kalpana Pandit said, “I think the deep spirituality which you see in shows like this, it awakens something, and I hope that these shows will help people to explore what it is.”

Impressive artistes

Shen Yun is home to an impressive number of artistes from around the world.

And these artists take Shen Yun’s mission to heart, as they can be seen in their energy and joyful enthusiasm on stage, as well as in their seamless cooperation.

“When dancing, sometimes there is an instant when you feel like our hearts are all together, united. That moment is really sacred and in it, you can see pure beauty,” Shen Yun choreographer Michelle Ren said.

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A scene from the Shen Yun show

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