We have cast the net wider for a better catch

Computer technology has not only changed the way we work and live but has also rekindled people’s quest for knowledge and information.

While the need to effect speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in business activities has constantly evolved, the advent of the Internet has revolutionised human thought and behaviour.

The web, with its ability to connect people across the world, cities, organisations and even homes was initially perceived by the print medium as a devouring monster and a threat to its survival.

As the web grew in scope, content and reach, the threat became more pronounced, prompting newspapers to utilise the benefits of global connectivity rather than challenge it.

Today, newspapers promote their web editions as the first step in reaching readers, partly to post scoops and mostly to whet their appetite to purchase or subscribe to their print editions. While some publications offer free-to-read online, others offer a bird’s eye view of ‘what’s in print.’

Since the launch of its website, Indian Newslink (a few months after the birth of the print edition in November 1999) has strived to offer reading material online and in print on an equal footing. The site underwent significant changes three years ago, creating scope for innovation and improvements.

Changes occurring in the print edition, including addition of new columns and features, were in line with the publication’s growth. If the 11/11 fire (see front-page story) devastated us, it also created an opportunity to embrace state-of-the-art technology.

Discerning Change

But the most significant change occurred as the publication became a fortnightly in March 2003. Pressure on space in the print edition prompted an enlarged website, a more user-friendly format and most importantly regularity, all of which were made possible by the inclusion of professional webmaster into our team.

The popularity of the web edition was testified by the thousands of ‘hits’ and scores of letters that arrive every day from the four corners of the world. Indian Newslink is among the few in the country to operate and manage a web edition, offering free-to-view of all editorial copy appearing in its corresponding print version.

The 11th Anniversary (November 2010) was an appropriate occasion to effect changes to our website. With a new look and several added features, it was launched by then Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards held at Stamford Plaza Auckland Hotel on November 15, 2010.

The new website is bigger, better and more user-friendly than before, with a number of online tools and state-of-the-art facilities.

We propose to constantly improve the website, depending on the need and reader response.

We would also like our web edition to be a sound alternative to the print edition, copies of which are increasingly becoming scarce at outlets around the country.

Rising demand for Indian Newslink in other countries, notably, Fiji and Australia, is being partly answered by the web edition.

Please visit our website (www.indiannewslink.co.nz).

We await your response.

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