Welcome Aupito, good to Sio

Aupito William Sio 

At my confirmation meeting on Monday, March 6, 2017, I advised the Mangere Labour members that hence-forward I will be using my new name Aupito.

I will be known as Aupito William Sio.

Last year in October, my family gathered in Samoa to bestow upon me a new name, Aupito. It was a name held by my father who bequeathed it upon me in accordance with Samoan customs and laws pertaining to Samoan matai names.

The transfer of names from a living-holder to someone else rarely occurs but that is what has happened.

Extended Family Boss

All it means is I am the head of an extended family that resides in Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

I preside over the family, both people and land holdings.

It means I will intervene and resolve family squabbles when they occur, and determine who should live on the land holdings, and where people should be buried when they die, and figure out how to pass on the matai names and land holdings to the next generation.

I am still known by the other matai names I hold of Tofae and Su’a, and people will still use those names, however the Aupito name will supersede the other two names.  This is the name I will use until I die, irrespective of any other matai names that I may receive.

I informed the Speaker and my colleagues in Parliament of the change.

Radio Samoa 1593 in Auckland continues to refer to me as Aupito Tofae Su’a William Sio. I don’t expect that from you, nor do I want it.

Aupito will be just fine. If you’re uncomfortable with Aupito, please continue to call me as Su’a or William. The official name will still remain Aupito.

I hope that helps clarify things. I know many Samoans will understand this but others may not.  Please ask if you want more information.

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