Welcome Back, Phil, build the City Great!

Editorial Two

Issue 425 October 15, 2019

Phil Goff has won his battle for Mayoralty of Auckland for a second successive term.

Aucklanders have given the veteran politician a massive mandate; compared to the dismal polling number, his acceptance rate of 48% (a marginal increase of 0.4% over the 2016 election) is convincing.

In his Victory Message, Mr Goff said that he would build on the foundations to make Auckland a world-class and inclusive City.

“We will continue to invest strongly in our transport infrastructure, in the City Rail Link, Light Rail, busways, arterial roads, cycle and walkways to decongest our city and give people choices in transport modes,” he said.

Keeping promises

Mr Goff said that the Council, under his leadership, will keep up our rate of building new homes to meet demand and also cater for the vulnerable, working with government to build more social homes and remove the blight of homelessness.

As an Indian Newslink Columnist, he said, “We need our city to be New Zealand’s best performing city. That means an efficient Council that cuts waste and duplication. It means changing the culture of Council so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable. We have to sustain a City that is inclusive of and celebrates all cultures and faiths.”

Fear of rates rise

Mr Goff now has an opportunity to turn Auckland in to a City of his dreams and that of common people.

There are fears that he would raise the rate structure, which would squeeze the wallet of Aucklanders, who are already being pinched by spiralling cost of living, would find any further hikes unbearable.

We will pin our hopes on Mr Goff, wait and watch with interest how he performs.

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