Wenceslaus Anthony in Chennai Hospital

Venkat Raman

Auckland, July 22, 2017

Indian Newslink Community Fund Chairman, prominent businessman and Papal Award Winner Wenceslaus Anthony is undergoing treatment at a Chennai Hospital after being admitted there about 24 hours ago.

Since that time, a handful of us have been in contact with his wife Susan Anthony who is in Chennai with their daughter Sneha. Their son Akash, a pilot for Air Tonga, has just arrived in Chennai after being told of his father’s illness.

Critical Condition

Mr Anthony has undergone a series of tests and his condition remains critical, although he has begun to respond to treatment. A team of specialists and doctors are attending to him and in addition, a few New Zealand based doctors have also been coordinating in administering and ensuring that he is receiving proper procedures.

As a close friend and a colleague in several fields of activity, Mr Anthony’s health has been of great concern to me and Prince Kumar and our respective families who have had more than 40 years of association with him.

Susan Anthony and her children are staying close to Mr Anthony at the hospital and hence would not be able to respond to phone calls and messages.

Our updates

We will post updates on the health of Mr Anthony on Indian Newslink website and on our Facebook pages.

Mr Anthony has been away from New Zealand for the past eight weeks, on business and holiday, visiting several cities in North and South India and Sri Lanka. He visited the Holy Land (Israel) and Egypt earlier this week. His family has been travelling with him.

He was very happy that he could meet a large number of his family members at the wedding of a nephew in Kerala recently.

Chennai Felicitation

Earlier this month, he was facilitated by the Catholic Church was the Papal Award (‘The Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice’ or ‘For Church and Pope’) that he received in May 2017, similar to the blessings that he received at a Holy Mass in Thanksgiving on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at St Mary’s Church in Avondale, Auckland.

Leaders Concerned

A large number of people have been contacting us to find out about the medical condition of Mr Anthony. Among them are former Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand, former Labour MP Dr Rajen Prasad, Bank of Baroda New Zealand Limited Managing Director Prahlad Gupta (Mr Anthony is Chairman of the Bank based in Auckland), Prince Kumar, Vijay Goel.

These events have been reported in Indian Newslink and can be found in our archives.

Since Mr Anthony was admitted to the hospital, we have been praying for his speedy recovery. We will be grateful if you join us in our prayers from your own home and places of worship.

The Power of Prayer can never be underestimated.



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