Western Union grants US$8000 to flood hit areas

The Western Union Foundation of The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU), and the Western Union Agent FEXCO Pacific have joined forces to replenish the Red Cross disaster Relief Fund following the destruction that Cyclone Evan left behind in Samoa and Fiji recently.

A grant of US$8000, contributed by FEXCO Pacific with matching funds from the Western Union Foundation, was made to the New Zealand Red Cross to support immediate relief efforts in Samoa and Fiji.

In Samoa, the contribution was made through the Disaster Response and Emergency Fund (DREF), which was set up to support basic human relief efforts such as drinking water and food, access to sanitation facilities, emergency shelter and welfare centres.

In Fiji, two members of the New Zealand Red Cross’ IT and Communications Emergency Response Team were funded to travel to Fiji with emergency communications equipment to restore communications for response services, provide training to local personnel and undertake required equipment maintenance and checks.

“We are deeply saddened by the magnitude of human suffering caused by this natural disaster. When devastation strikes, we strive to be there to help communities on the road to recovery,” Tasko Alcevski, Regional Director, New Zealand & Isles, Western Union said.

“It is part of Western Union’s heritage to provide assistance in the aftermath of natural disasters, and that remains a key component of Western Union and the Western Union Foundation’s giving today,” he added.

Global help

Since its inception in 2001, the Western Union Foundation has awarded US$8.4 million in grants to support disaster relief and rebuilding, education and economic empowerment in the Asia Pacific region, with over US$55,000 made to projects in New Zealand and Isles.

The Western Union Foundation is dedicated to creating a better world, where the ability to realize dreams through economic opportunity is not just a privilege for the few but a right for all.

With the support of the Western Union Company, its employees, Agents, and business partners, the Western Union Foundation works to realise this vision by supporting education and disaster relief as pathways toward a better future.

Its combined efforts make life better for individuals, families and communities around the world.

Over the past 12 years, the Foundation has awarded more than $85.2 million in grants to 2591 nongovernmental organisations in 130 countries and territories.

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