What is in store at Supermarkets?

Supermarkets typically comprise meat, produce, dairy and baked goods departments along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods. A variety of non-food items such as household cleaners, pharmacy products, and pet supplies are also available in modern supermarkets.

Traditionally, Supermarkets occupy a large floor space on a single level and are strategically located for customer convenience. Their basic appeal is the availability of a broad selection of goods under a single roof at relatively low prices. Car Park facility and shopping hours also spell their popularity.

Mainstream Supermarkets allocate large budgets for newspaper, radio and television advertising, in addition to house-to-house delivery of circulars announcing specials.

Indian Supermarkets have smaller budgets and rely on community newspapers and radio stations to announce their specials. They source their products directly from manufacturers of major importers and provide benefit of lower prices to shoppers.

Hypermarkets, which are popular in Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the US, are yet to make their entry into New Zealand.

Your needs at Supermarkets

Alcoholic products (If Licensed; some Indian Supermarkets do not stock), Baby foods and products, Bakery, Bread, Car care products, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Dairy products, Diet foods, Electrical items, Feminine hygiene products, Flowers, Frozen Foods, Fruits and Vegetables, Greeting Cards, Home appliances, House Cleaning products, Newspapers & Magazines, Meat, Medicines and first aid items (mostly over-the-counter, some supermarkets have pharmacies), Non-alcoholic beverages, Personal hygiene and grooming products, Pet foods and products, Religious Items (including Pooja items and pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses), Rice, Seeds, Spices, Snacks, Wheat and several other products.

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