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As every Indian man and his dog talk about India’s Independence celebration on 15 August, we need to stand back, away from misnomer and misplaced tagging of “Mera Bharat Mahaan” and reflect on our achievement as the largest democracy on earth.

Tagged as the worst country in the world for a woman to live, with largest amount of black money hoarded in Swiss Banks, with most corrupt politicians and officials, with very lucrative businesses and businessmen worldwide, but bereft of human kindness that goes with it.

As a business community, we have done well, how about as human beings? Look at the Olympic medal tally. China with the same population is in top three, while India with a billion people has become a laughing stock.

Do we still have corrupt officials like Kalamadi leading our sporting team? How Is Our Bharat Mahaan? So this Independence Day, bow your head and pray for a miracle to salvage the name of a once proud country, so once again we can say, we are proud to be an Indian. Food for thought for all those suffering from ostrich syndrome. I am proud to be Fijian, and thank my grandfather for running away from India in 1915 for a new home in Fiji.

On this Independence Day, we could not pray for anything more for a prosperous, honest, conscientious and caring nation where all have equality and share in the economic cake.

Jay Hind, Bharat Mata Ki Jay, Mera Bharat Mahaan.

The “Apology”

On August 15, 2012

(Edited Version)

On this India’s 66th Independence Day, I very humbly request to all my offended Face book friends, and all offended Indians, to forgive me, because I am sorry to have spoken lies about India, and retract everything I said in my posting.

I apologise for bringing any disrepute to the country of Gandhi, Subahash, Tagore, Tilak, Hari Singh Nalwa, Bhagat Singh, Sivaji, Jhashi ki Rani and my ancestor Prithvi Raj Chauhaan. I also regret bringing any tension between good friendship of Fiji and India by talking untruths about India.

In retracting and apologising point by point, I now proudly say as an Indian that

Women have full rights, equality and respect as men in India, which is the best country in the world for women to be born in.

Indian politicians and businessmen do not have any black money in Swiss Banks.

India has very honest, non-corrupt and conscientious politicians.

India is a very compassionate nation where the economic growth and growth in wealth has filtered down to common people in ghettoes.

As a populous nation, we are proud to have achieved the equivalent fame in Olympics.

My grandfather Bansi did not run away from India in 1915 because of poverty in Rajasthan, but wanted a free ride to Fiji on HMS Ganges ship, and hence I ended up in Fiji as an Indentured offspring.

Ø Fiji and India have always shared good relationship and pray for this friendship to flourish.


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