WIA getting ready for another blockbuster Holi

WIA getting ready for another blockbuster Holi

Thakur Ranjit Singh

Waitakere Indian Association (WIA), which initiated the Holi festival in New Zealand with its first public Holi event in 2006, is again gearing up for its 14th celebrations.

The 2019 Waitakere Holi, the Festival of Colours, will be held at The Trusts Arena, Central Park Drive, Henderson on Sunday, March 24, 2019 from 1030 am.

New Organising Team

Chandrika Prasad has been appointed as the new Holi Project Manager.

In its quest to break out new leaders in the community, WIA promotes its members to take up organisational responsibilities and encourages leadership.

Chandrika is a long-serving executive and believes that he can deliver take the WIA Holi to another level of quality and public participation.

“I am delighted that I have been given this opportunity. WIA is known to provide leadership to new people. The team changes periodically and now Mahendra Sharma is doing a commendable job as WIA President. I am sure that New Zealanders from all over Auckland and neighbouring places will participate in our Holi celebrations,” he said.

The Faag and other events

Waitakere Holi today is multiethnic and multicultural event for the family (File Photo)

Activities, among others include traditional Indian singing (Faag), playing of colours, exotic Indian food, Hindi film dances and activities for the entire family.

The highlight will of course be ‘Dancing in the Park.’

A unique feature of WIA events is the tradition of adhering to the initial theme, decorum and tradition of its Festivals, especially Holi and Diwali.

Fiji Holi follows another custom- Faag or Chautal by groups called Mandalis. These are very energetic chorus style singing, with cymbals and other musical instruments adding to the spectacle of Holi.

Fostering Unity

With increasing Indian population, the significance of Holi in huge here.

It brings the mainstream, mainly non-Indian Kiwis to come to Holi events, enjoy Indian food, play with colours, understand our  culture and foster goodwill and understanding.

People of Indian origin, with their colourful clothes, cultures and cuisine have added to the brightness of the country while integrating well into the local community.

We invite you this year’s Holi with your family.

Thakur Ranjit Singh has been associated with the Waitakere Indian Association for the past 15 years and reports regularly its projects and programmes. He lives in West Auckland.

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