World Meet stresses violence-free society

A World Cultural Festival held in Berlin on July 2 and 3, 2011 was a celebration of achievement and a “vision to do more.”

It also marked the 30th Anniversary of the Bangalore based ‘Art of Living Foundation,’ which has branches and chapters all over the world.

Founder Sri Ravi Shankar’s goal of creating a violence-free, stress-free society by serving humanity, creating harmony in diversity and engaging communities in preserving nature was the highlight of the two-day event.

More than 70,000 people from around the globe representing 150 countries participated in the celebrations, which included dance and music. They also participated in ‘Peace Meditation,’ which formed a part of the proceedings.

As well as 2000 guitarists playing together, there was a concert of 30 pianos making the best of their one-time life experience.

There was colour and grace when 1500 dancers performed a Lituanian folk dance followed by a performance by St Petersburg Ballet of Russia.

There were international stars to enthral the audience. Elitsa Todorova from Bulgaria was on the drums, beating to the rhythm of Voda (Water) with 1000 dancers in an authentic folk dance in national dresses.

She had the crowd standing on their feet asking for more.

The sun salutation was performed with perfection and precision by 800 yoga enthusiasts was a sight to behold.

In a stadium where Adolf Hitler had declared war many years ago, there was a spiritual Master promoting peace on this planet.

In support of his mission, there were former prime-misters, prominent religious leaders, educationist and a member of the Saudi Royal family sharing the message of peace and reaffirming the place of ancient wisdom in solving modern day issues.

The managing committee of the Olympic stadium later told the organisers that in all their years of managing events at the Stadium, this was the first event of its size, which did not need any security.

All this was possible due to the vision of Sri Ravi Shankar, who believes that spiritualty is the core of any peaceful co-existence; it unites everyone on the level of the heart and allows us to come together without prejudice.

He is respected the world over as one of the most ‘Free-spirited’ sages.

All over the world, people find what they are desperately longing for in his way of sharing wisdom: unconditional love and joy.

He puts a smile on the faces of all the people he meets.

This is achieved through stress management programmes worldwide.

In Auckland, such courses are conducted on a regular basis.

Free yoga workshops are offered in various suburbs, in addition to free weekly meditation sessions and wellness workshops.

All these aim to serve the community to release stress and increase efficiency and productivity.

One such Wellness Workshop was held yesterday (August 14).

Neelu Taore is an Art of Living teacher and supporter. She can be contacted on (09) 2793060 or 0274504485. Email:

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