Young musicians assemble for Temple fund

Venkat Raman

Aucklander Nadesan Nanthakumar meticulously works to reach his self-assigned targets in life, career and the community, in that order.

As well as circulating and updating events conducted by various Indian, Sri Lankan and other organisations to people on his extensive database, he took upon himself last year to organise musical events in aid of the ‘Thirumurugan Temple’ of the New Zealand Thirumurugan Temple Society, located at 145 Church Street in Otahuhu.

The first leg of the ‘Musical Journey,’ witnessed last year brought $4200 to the Temple, encouraged by which Mr Nanthakumar has planned a similar event this weekend.

Called, ‘Musical Journey: East Meets West,’ the programme will be held at Auckland Normal Intermediate School Hall on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 530 pm.

Tickets are now on sale, details of which can be obtained from Mr Nanthakumar on 021-1829381. Email:

The Singers

As reported in our January 15 and February 1, 2015 issues, 22 local artistes will participate in the programme.

They include Ahranni Sivakumar, Alexshana Sivarajah, Anusha Suresh Ramachandra, Ashshaya Pushparajah, Avinash Jeyashankar, Balu Mallela, Gaarunyaa Uthayakumar, Kaviya Balaraman, Meerah Yogakumar, Nandika Nelluri, Pavan Mani, Puja Nory, Rama Yogakumar, Roma Nory, Seran Ramanathan, Sivani Surendran, Subbarna Sivarajah, Synthia Shivakumar, Thulasi Kanadakumar, Varranthi Vignakumar, Vishalini Gunadas and Vishnupriya Mallela.

The Orchestra

Geerthana and Divya Nanthakumar
Geerthana and Divya Nanthakumar

The supporting live orchestra would comprise Geerthana Nanthakumar, Divya Nanthakumar, Manisha Nanthakumar (all Keyboard and Violin), Madhan Mohan (Keyboard), Joseph Alexander (Electronic Drums), Joscel Alexander (Acoustic Drums), Antony Yempee (Lead Guitar), Diya Yempee (Rhythm Guitar), Shivam Padayachi (Bass Guitar), Basant Madhur (Tabla), Vindhya Suresh Ramachandra (Veena) and Balu Mallela (Mridangam and Ghatam).

Arumugarajah Yogakumar is in charge of sound system and Anusha Suresh Ramachandra will be the Master of Ceremonies.

Violin Sisters

Geerthana and Divya are versatile Violin and Keyboard players and have scores of programmes to their credit over

Manisha Nanthakumar
Manisha Nanthakumar

the past ten years. They are adept in rendering wide-ranging musical compositions, including songs from Tamil and Hindi films, Western and Carnatic Music, Devotional and Fusion melodies.

Affectionately called, the ‘Auckland Violin Sisters,’ Geerthana and Divya have been members of the popular ‘Swarangal,’ musical group. Their other appearances include the ‘Mukesh & Usha Raaj,’ the ‘M Kalyan Violin Concert’ and a charity show in Melbourne.

Auckland Normal Intermediate School Year 8 student Manisha is now collaborating with her two elder sisters to expand their musical horizon.

What: Musical Journey East Meets 2015

Who: Nadesan Nanthakumar and others

Purpose: In aid of the New Zealand Thirumurugan Temple Society

When: Saturday, February 21 at 530 pm

Where: Auckland Normal Intermediate School Hall

               Poronui Street, Mt Eden

Tickets: $25 (Family), $10 (Adults(, $5 (Seniors & Children)

Contact: Nadesan Nanthakumar on (09) 6251300 or 021-1829381


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