Young player impresses stalwarts in UK Football trials

Venkat Raman

Seventeen-Year-old Arzan Todywalla, the rising Star of Soccer and one of the most promising players of New Zealand created strong impressions among coaches, players and enthusiasts at the Trials held in Australia last fortnight.

All of them wanted the young man in the United Kingdom for further training, so that he could be prepared for the biggest matches in the world.

He was in the first batch of three-day trials held at the Sunbury Football Club in Melbourne from January 11 to 13, 2019.

Amazing Arzan

More than 150 hopefuls and top officials including UK Pro-Coaches Director Harry Price, UK Football Schools Director Chris Woodburn, Sports Psychologist Jimmy Davis and former English player and currently UK Pro-Club Scout Micky Adams watched Arzan execute some of the finest moves in the game.

Arzan was grouped in the Over 17 Players and was pitted against 26-year old ‘veterans.’ But he has proved his mettle in the Men’s team at Fencibles Club AFC in Auckland.

Chris Woodburn, who was a Referee at the Trials, told Arzan’s parents Viraf and Pearl Todywalla, “Arzan is good; very good. There were a handful of players who got the attention of the coaches and Scout Micky Adams and he was one of them. You should surely consider the option of his admission to one of the top UK Schools, play for the School and train in the best and most professional environment to become a professional footballer.”

Impressive Pace

Addressing Arzan as ‘Number 21,’ the number assigned to him, Micky Adams said, “I am very impressed with your pace; your pace is your main asset. Although you need to learn and improve on how and where to use your pace in a way that would benefit you the most, I can tell you that any team in the UK would love to have a player with that pace and skill. Your parents should speak to Chris (Woodburn). Well done.”

UFA Licensed Coach and Lecturer Ashleigh Hopkins said that Arzan has ‘what it takes to be a good Soccer player.

“Arzan, you have a long way to go. If it was upon me, I would take you right now in my team in the UK. You have exceptional pace; you listen, train and then perform. I am happy.”

The teenager is always in form- a fact that he showed on the last day of the games, scoring a few ‘fantastic goals.’ As the experts and parents of other youngsters said, “Arzan’s talent and team spirit were inspiring. He would make anyone proud.”

About the UK Football Trials

UK Football Trials are reported to helped thousands of players to get scouted over the past six years. Stated to be the world’s largest and most successful football trials companies, it allows the players and parents attend to tell the world what they think of the events.

Committed Parents

While Arzan’s steady rise as a spirited Soccer player is a direct result of his diligence, devotion, daily practice and most important of all his humility and eagerness to learn, the contributions and sacrifices of his parents Viraf and Pearl Todywalla are significant. They have been the true architects of the young man’s rise. As well as investing time, money and efforts to ensure that their son is well-nourished and healthy, they spend all their spare time and weekends to reach him to playfields and events that further his interest in the game. They also constantly look for opportunities for Arzan to receive further training.

It was this watch out of Mr Todywalla on Facebook that encouraged them to take their son to Melbourne for the UK Football Trials Australia event.

Getting there was not cheap but it was not the first time for them to pool their savings and ensure that Arzan the best training possible. He has already been to the United Kingdom twice to participate in the Birmingham City FC Trails.

Even three years ago, his mentors in Britain wanted Arzan to stay back, continue his studies in the United Kingdom and foster his career in Soccer. But it was an expensive proposition for a Non-British citizen but Viraf and Pearl are confident that one day their son will make it to the best fields of not only the United Kingdom but also the rest of the world, as New Zealand’s priceless player.

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