Young Violin Master to perform in New Zealand next month

Expect the best of Nandini Shankar, the Star of a new generation

Venkat Raman

One of the youngest and most prolific violinists of India will present her first musical concert in Auckland next month.

Nandini Shankar, who has had an astonishing career at a young age with an equally astounding talent, will be on stage at Dorothy Winstone Centre, Auckland Girls Grammar School, located at 16 Howe Street, Newton, Auckland on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

She will be accompanied by Basant Madhur and his nephew Akhil Madhur on the Tabla.

Sargam School of Indian Music is organising the programme titled, ‘Sounds of India,’ in association with ‘Gymkhana,’ bringing together several other artistes.

Other Performers

The event will feature a Vocal Jugalbandi by Seetha and Dr Anita Naik, Sargam School Orchestra of Sitars, Violins and Tablas and a classical dance number by Abhishek Ravi.

Tickets priced at $50 (VIP), $40 (‘A’ Reserve) and $25 (‘B’ Reserve) are now on sale.

Details can be obtained from Basant Madhur, Principal and Director of Sargam School of Indian Music on (09) 6262646 or 021-0357954.

A part of the proceeds of the Concert will be donated to ‘Shree Sanatan Dharam Hanuman Mandir’ in aid of its New Temple Project.

About Nandini Shankar

Nandini Shankar, a talented daughter of Shankar Devraj and the Violin maestro Dr Sangeeta Shankar, began her training in music at the tender age of three under the tutelage of her mother and illustrious grandmother, Dr N Rajam, one of the greatest violinists of all times.

Born and raised in a house that reverberated high calibre music, Nandini evinced keen interest and began to develop her innate talent as a violinist.

She gave her first public performance when she was eight years old at Bharat Bhavan Cultural Center, a multi-faceted Center for the Performing Arts in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Five years later, she presented her first full-fledged solo concert, in Dharwad, Karnataka.

Sterling Performances

Thereafter she performed at many prominent music festivals, including Sawai Gandharva (Pune), Saptak (Ahmedabad), Dover Lane (Kolkata), ITC Sangeet Sammelan (Delhi), IMG, BHU, MERU in the Netherlands, Europalia in Belgium and Canada.

Her crowning glory was her concert at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York in 2016.

Nandini has also performed extensively at several centres in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

She is a part of ‘Sakhi,’ the first all-girl Indian classical band established by Kaushiki Chakraborty, who belongs to a musical family in Kolkata.

Educational Pursuits

Nandini obtained her postgraduation (MA) qualification in Music in 2017 from Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) University, the first University exclusively for women in South East Asia.

She is currently on the Faculty of Music and Composition at Whistling Woods International, a premier film institute in Mumbai.

About Basant Madhur

Basant Madhur established Sargam School of Indian Music in 2006 to provide education and training in Indian Classical Vocal and Instrumental Music.

The School aims to preserve and promote the rich cultural and social heritage of India among the Indian Diaspora and other ethnic groups.

“Music unifies people and creates peace, harmony and goodwill. The forthcoming Programme is another prestigious event that our School has conducted over the years. It will also provide an opportunity to showcase our local talent on a platform that will encourage promotion of our fine arts,” he said.

Among the students of Sargam School of Indian Music are of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Fijian, Tongan, Afghani, Chinese, European, American, South African and New Zealander origin.

“We are proud of our heritage,” Basant said.

He is a well-known and qualified Tabla player. Prior to migrating to New Zealand, he was a ‘Class One’ Artiste of All India Radio and Television channels and has been a regular performer with local, regional, national and international vocalists and instrumentalists, accompanying them in Indian, Pakistani and Western music.

Professional Artiste

Affable manners, positive attitude, humility, competence and high professional standards make Basant a great artiste to perform and work with other performers.

Sargam School of Indian Music also has the benefit of the expertise of his father Dr Shukdev Madhur (Violinist and Music Teacher), who has trained hundreds of students, many of who have become music teachers, lecturers and performing artistes. Dr Madhur shares his time between his native India and New Zealand.

Next Issue: Akhil Madhur, a young Tabla Player on the grow.

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