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Auckland, January 20, 2020

RefillNZ Station at Missmoo’s Kitchen, Auckland (Image from Facebook)

Wai Auckland and Wellington-based RefillNZ are calling on Auckland cafes, bars, restaurants, retailers and community facilities to become official RefillNZ Stations.

These are places where customers and passers-by can refill their reusable water bottles on-the-go for free, no questions asked.

Wai Auckland Project Manager and registered nutritionist, Amanda Brien said that the goal is to have 1000 stations registered by mid-2021.



“We are lucky in Auckland to have clean, top quality tap water at our fingertips. Rather than buying water or sugary drinks in plastic bottles, we should be carrying our reusable bottles with us and making the most of it! It’s a simple concept, but one that saves money, the planet and our health – it’s a no-brainer,” she said.

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Will and Water

Ms Brien said that membership to RefillNZ Station is free and all that is required of members if the will and water.

“Anywhere that is keen and has an accessible water fountain, tap, water cooler or jug already has all they need to get on board,” she said.

New Zealanders consumer an average of 168 plastic bottles annually, but only a third of them are recycled, leaving about 526 million bottles that are thrown away, often ending up in landfill and the sea. To date, more than 130 Auckland sites have signed up as RefillNZ Stations, including cafes, dentists, pharmacies, Eden Park, an RSA and visitor attractions like Auckland Zoo and Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life.

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Auckland Council facilities

Auckland Council, a Wai Auckland partner, has registered more than 50 of its facilities, including pools, leisure centres and selected libraries and community centres.

Council General Manager Waste Solutions Parul Sood said that backing RefillNZ will help Aucklanders cut down on single-use plastic bottles and support Auckland’s goal of achieving zero waste to landfill by 2040.

“It is easy to forget that bottled water did not even exist in New Zealand until the late 1990s. We are showing how easy it can be to return to what we once did – carrying a reusable bottle and filling up from the tap, on the go,” she said.

Unhealthy practices

Research commissioned by Wai Auckland last year also found that 69% of us drink sugary drinks daily or weekly, with 41% of people choosing fizzy as their ‘go-to’ cold drink when out and about.

Ms Brien said that the figure rises to 52% among 30-44-year-olds and an alarming 63% for children.

“Given that one in three Auckland adults and one in seven Auckland children are obese and tooth decay is the leading cause of avoidable hospitalisation for our children, we need to make it easier to opt for tap water rather than sugary drinks, wherever you are,” she said.

And, with more than 6000 glasses of tap water costing the same as just one litre of bottled water (Kiwis spend around $700 million on bottled drinks annually), the habit also adds up financially.

Ms Brien said that it is free for the consumer and any cost to business is minimal. In fact, it can potentially benefit them financially by increasing foot traffic, helping build a sense of community and tangibly demonstrating to customers their commitment to sustainability and health. 

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Overseas experience

“Overseas, RefillUK has been going since 2015 and has more than 20,000 Refill Stations. Their experience has been that while people are topping up their bottles, they usually buy something else as well,.” She sad.

Businesses keen to become RefillNZ Stations should complete the prescribed form on the RefillNZ website (

They will receive stickers and posters to help the public identify them.

They will be promoted on RefillNZ’s social media channels and added to the ‘Where to Refill’ map on the website and the RefillNZ App (Apple only).

It is free to register in Auckland.

In October, RefillNZ won the Community Environmental Initiative category of the Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards. It was also a finalist in the Sustainable Business Network Awards 2019.

There are currently more than 1000 RefillNZ Stations nationwide.

The facts

New Zealanders consume an estimated 73 litres of fizzy drink per person, per year. And consuming one can of soft drink per day can result in weight gain of more than 5 kg per year if the excess energy is not burned off.

By 2050, plastic waste is estimated to outweigh all the fish in the seas and it’s getting in the seafood we eat.

New Zealanders spend nearly $700 million a year on bottled drinks. Globally, the bottled water industry is expected to be worth more than $215 billion by 2025.

What we drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, cordial, soft drinks, powdered drinks, sports and energy drinks) represents the main source of sugar in our diet.

Almost one in ten children has a sugary drink every day.

There are 16 teaspoons of sugar in one, 600 ml regular soft drink.

Plastic makes up about 90% of the waste floating on the ocean’s surface.

One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans.

Imagine a one litre bottle of water, filled a quarter of the way up with oil…that’s about how much oil was needed to produce the bottle. And it takes three bottles of water to make the one bottle!

More information

About Wai Auckland The Wai Auckland project aims to make tap water the first and convenient choice for people, and to displace sugary drinks. Why? To help support good dental and general health. The organisations involved in Wai Auckland are Auckland Council, Auckland Regional Public Health Service, Auckland Transport, and Watercare. Wai Auckland is a Healthy Auckland Together project.

About RefillNZ Established in Wellington in October 2018, RefillNZ’s mission is to prevent plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle on the go, rather than buy water in a single-use plastic bottle. RefillNZ encourages cafes, businesses and public amenities – like libraries – with freely available water, to register as a RefillNZ Station. Refill stations welcome members of the public to refill their reusable bottles for free, no questions asked! Find out more at

Wai Auckland and RefillNZ joined forces in 2019 to help make tap water the first and convenient choice in Auckland.
Source: Auckland Regional Public Health Service

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