A good wrap keeps the world moving

Packaging forms one of the most significant aspects of transportation and in the current practice of moving cargo from one part of the world to another, its importance is well recognised.

As well as providing a ‘good look and good finish,’ packaging is critical to protect goods, be they highly perishable fruits and vegetables or the more endurable engineering and manufactured goods. The entire process of manufacturing, assembly and transportation could become futile if the goods transported are not packaged to withstand weather, handling and other conditions.

Kiwi Plastic Packaging Limited provides an enduring solution to the challenge of ensuring freshness of products.

The Company’s own manufacturing plant in Lautoka, Fiji has been in operation for more than 40 years but its presence in Auckland began in 2002, with a base in Mt Roskill, specialising in all types of plastic products including containers, bags and other items.

Directors Mohammed Rizwan and Azeez Hanif say that the product range includes all types of plastic and foam products (including plastic plates, cups, cutleries and foam bowls).

“We also do produce plastic containers, foam plates, foam cups, various kinds of plastic bags for restaurant and takeaways. Cleaning chemicals such as dishwashing liquids, disinfectants, hand soap and window cleaners are also available,” they said.

Mr Hanif said the demand for these products is always at a high end but unhealthy competition tends to create inroads into an otherwise lucrative market.

“We import our products from all over the world and our strict quality control is a source of satisfaction for our customers,” he said.


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