A New Star in the galaxy of icons in West Auckland

A New Star on the galaxy of icons in West Auckland

‘Café Oro’ has the Mediterranean ambience and more

Venkat Raman

Auckland, April 19, 2019

Rachna Vijan: ‘Café Oro’ is the dawn of a new era

It is less than month since the precincts of ‘Café Oro’ opened at 371 West Coast Road in Glen Eden (West Auckland) but it has already become the place of choice for working men and women, businesspersons, elders and a host of others in the area.

“It is my kind of place,” they say, as Rachna Vijan, who, with her team of chefs and serving staff, are in the process of creating new dishes to add to their delectable array of vegetarian and other varieties that have tickled the palate of people.

Elevated Entity

Elevated above the street level, ‘Café Oro,’ stays at a higher plane in the company of an eighty-year old Rimo Tree and a well-appointed interior that at once epitomises simplicity and grandeur. It is not difficult to discern that the sixty-seater Café is fructification of the dream and aspiration of Rachna, with the support of her husband Prashant Vijan, a Bayleys executive who facilitates sale and purchase of businesses.

Eden now has another name: ‘Café Oro’ at 371, West Coast Road, West Auckland

‘Oro,’ which means ‘Gold’ in Spanish and Italian languages, appealed to Rachna as her favourite colour, Yellow, which symbolises freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, loyalty and joy- everything in fact that she shares with her husband, their staff and customers.

Gleaming Sunrise

“Oro also appeals to me as Sunrise, which represents the dawn of a new era; a fresh chapter in life, career and relationship. ‘Café Oro’ has the potential to become the rendezvous for many happy occasions, from breakfast to dinner, for meetings and parties,” she said.

While the Café functions from 8 am (shortly to be advanced to 7 am) to 3 pm all days of the week, there are plans to remain open for dinner.

Rachna said that she is also considering outdoor catering, while Takeaway service is already available at the Café.

“Except bread, everything is made here at ‘Café Oro,’ including Sauces prepared from fresh ingredients. With six full-time and three part-time staff, we are busy every day. Our Menu, representing the cuisine of various countries, has been designed to cater to varied tastes. We have created a fusion of sorts and still in the process of creation,” Rachna said.

Versatile Menu

From All Day Breakfast (just for example, ‘Acai Berry Bowl’ for Vegetarians and ‘Workman’s Breakfast’ (which includes Scrambled Eggs and Bacon) and ‘Lunch All Day’ (‘Lamb Kofta,’ ‘Free Range Paprika Chicken’ and ‘Vege Burger’) to a range of Sides and Organic Coffee (served in varied formats as ‘Espresso,’ ‘Piccolo,’ ‘Turmeric Latte’ and ‘Caramel,’ ‘Hazelnut,’ ‘Coffee Shot’), there is a blend of Mediterranean and European cuisine with a touch of Indian flavour.

There is then a Special Menu for Children, with the right choice of food and fruits to cater to the tender stomachs and Organic Drinks and Dairy-free Smoothies for those well past that age.

Rachna is proud of the already established reputation for unpretentious food and great service. As they mentioned, ‘Happy food feeds the soul.’

Strategic Partnership

“Oro is all about quality, integrity and good-old personalised and friendly service. We partner with suppliers who share our vision to do our best in supporting and promoting a sustainable environment and supporting the local community. Kokako Coffee and Karma Cola are some of our suppliers who help us serve organic and sustainable beverages,” Rachna said.

Rachna Vijan: Coffee adds flavour to friendship

She augments her professional success with a unique blend of passion, foresight, caution, planning, control and accountability.

A postgraduate (Master’s degree) in Computer Sciences from Jodhpur National University, Rachna acquired substantial experience in her chosen field working for the Local Government and commercial undertakings.

It was during her ownership (in 2010) of a Café in Central Auckland that she understood the nuances of this segment of food trade. Fourteen months later, Rachna sold the Café and took time off to look after their growing children (a daughter and a son).

“I was ready last year for another entrepreneurial venture and the possibility of establishing a Café at this property in Glen Eden arose and I considered as a golden opportunity. Gold thus became the theme for ‘Café Oro’ and I commissioned my nephew to design the interior. I was keen to create a rustic and natural environment. We have had positive response from our clients, which is encouraging,” she said.

Good food and conversation- everything under the (Rimu) tree

Challenges come in various forms and Rachna faces them with determination to succeed. With a positive attitude and good teamwork, she endeavours to find the right solutions to problems.

National Party Deputy Leader Paula Bennett, who formally inaugurated ‘Café Oro’ on April 1, 2019, said that Small and Medium Businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy.

“Hard working people like Rachna create job opportunities thereby creating wealth. I am sure that ‘Café Oro’ will be a successful venture and cater to an increasing number of customers,” she said.

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