A toast to team spirit!

Newspapers are like mirrors. They reflect what falls on them but impressions stay only as long as one perceives them.

They are also, ironically, open columns. They cannot hide their own weaknesses from its readers. Their financial and marketing strength is borne by the number of pages they carry in each issue, their editorial strength in the interest they sustain and the response they elicit from readers and their production strength in their smart outlook and appearance.

One cannot exist without the other.

Every newspaper worth its name should quintessentially enjoy a happy combination of people.

They include reporters who scout for news, analyse and produce copy that is worthy of good readership; subeditors who check and crosscheck copy, prepare smart headlines, choose photographs and caption them; production experts who add value to the stories with attractive layout; marketing personnel who bring in the moolah to keep the financial heart ticking; printers who put the paper (and us) to bed and roll; and circulation masters who ensure that the paper reaches readers, advertisers, well-wishers and others.

As Indian Newslink marks its Twelfth Anniversary, we would like to raise a toast to all those who were a part of the publication during its formative years, those who came and went in later years, those who form the current team and those who continue to support the publication in one form or the other.

From the Managing Editor and Publisher, Editor, Correspondents, Contributors, Reporters, Stringers and Artistes, and Production experts to Marketing Executives, Salespersons, Canvassers, Distributors, Couriers and Circulation people, we say, “The newspaper is the result of your efforts.”

We salute you!

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