ACC to cover spouses and partners offshore

ACC to cover spouses and partners offshore

Accident Compensation Amendment Bill passed

Auckland, April 11, 2019

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Parliament has passed the Accident Compensation Amendment Bill.

The legislation addresses some gaps and technical issues in the scheme to ensure the system is fair, transparent and accessible for claimants.

The Bill will extend ACC cover to the spouses or partners and dependents of New Zealand employees posted offshore.

It will also remove the requirement for ACC claimants injured near to, or after retirement age to choose between weekly compensation and New Zealand Superannuation or the Veterans’ Pension after receiving a year of both. They will now be able to receive up to 24 months of weekly compensation and New Zealand Superannuation at the same time.

Appeal Authority disestablished

The historic Accident Compensation Appeal Authority will be disestablished, given the low number of appeals to this body. All new appeals under the repealed 1972 and 1982 Acts will be heard by the District Court.

Other amendments under the Bill are (a) clarify the current transitional provisions to ensure that all claimants who are close to, or above, superannuation qualification age receive up to 24 months of weekly compensation (b) allow surviving spouses and dependents to receive up to five years of weekly compensation, regardless of age (c) move from an annual review to a biennial review of the Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to the Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003 (d) automatically update the maximum and minimum liable earnings to the minimum wage and the Labour Cost Index respectively to improve the workability of biennial levy rounds.

Source: Ministry of Business, Immigration & Employment

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