Achievers Diwali 2019 Tejal Tailor

Atop the Universe with perseverance and family support

Achieving a status is easier than performing up to expectations thereafter and setting a benchmark for self-improvement and emulation, says Tejal Tailor, who was crowned ‘Mrs Woman of the Universe New Zealand’ at a contest held in Auckland on Saturday, September 21, 2019.

The title accords her the placement as ‘Ambassador of Mrs Universe New Zealand 2019,’ and participate in an international contest at an overseas location, details of which will be announced in due course.

People’s Choice

She also earned the ‘People’s Choice’ at the Contest, which did not surprise many, since, given her attributes of honesty, dedication, commitment and seeking genuine friendship,

“This has been a remarkable journey, although I believe that it is ongoing. Contrary to popular belief, there is no make-believe fantasy here. Every Contestant in Miss Universe New Zealand should be herself. This is the hardest thing to achieve,” Tejal said.

Being a responsible wife, mother and daughter-in-law do not diminish the right of a woman to participate in a beauty pageant as she proved at the event last month.

It is her penchant for details that distinguishes Tejal from others.

Turning dreams to reality

“Do not forfeit your dreams and hopes for achieving anything in your life to either fate or to anyone else’s wishes,” she advised married women who may feel natural or family constraints in stepping on to limelight.

“I believe that making a positive difference in the community starts from making changes in the lifestyle and wellbeing of your own family. I have had the support of my family and friends to reach that distinct status. If everyone with ambition and hope makes sincere attempts, they too will realise their dreams, no matter how long it takes,” she said.

Tejal said that her husband Jimmy Tailor (who won the ‘Business Excellence in Health Safety Award’ at the Eleventh Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2018) is her ardent admirer and supporter.


(Pictures supplied by Tejal Tailor)

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