Ansuya Naidoo

I am privileged to work with the Indian Community. It is also a pleasure to network with political leaders, influential business entrepreneurs and religious leaders.

I have met many smart women in business, and it is a delight to see more and more women becoming the decision-makers.

Empowering women

Working for a Company that empowers women to the level to which BNZ does is truly rewarding. I was thrilled to be part of BNZ, when they awarded the inaugural United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles Award in 2013 in recognition of their diversity initiatives. Diversity is something which BNZ really embraces, which is why, they developed a dedicated Indian business team, which I lead.

Across the country some Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) believe that business banking practices have undergone major changes with the advent of online banking, mobile banking and more powers delegated to branches and regional offices.

Helping SMEs

Some of them were even of the view that banks have become ‘heartless’ on the face of the global economic meltdown perpetrating recession.

Smaller clients are of the view that banks do not understand the real needs of small customers, or know how to connect with them.

At BNZ, we work with customers to understand their business, assess their challenges and opportunities, and work with them to help them achieve their aspirations and growth plans. However, I must admit that it is not always possible to help every business every time, despite the best of intentions.

It is important that we keep the bank strong to secure all our customers; we therefore follow credit criteria and ensure that the interests of the bank and its customers are protected because we are accountable to our shareholders.

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