Applicants praise immigration officials

Following are letters received from our readers in India. They were received over the past few weeks. We held them for publication in this Immigration Special.

The response time of the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) officers in Delhi has always been good. The person with whom we dealt with was helpful and responded to our queries within 24 hours.

However, there were a few delays on occasions, but we believe this was mainly because of policy, its interpretation and confusing instructions received from their head office in New Zealand.

Jasbinder Singh, Delhi

Why should anyone have to wait for four years to get a work permit? I often travel overseas and my friend in the US obtained his work permit in two weeks. I am sure that even banana Republics work at a faster pace.

Priyanka Chatterji, Delhi

This should have been a “give” and “take” situation. This is sharing, not between two persons, but between a sovereign state and an individual, and that too one who has to give up everything for a new life. The state ideally should do the giving and less of the taking.

G Shivashankar, Coimbatore

After waiting for five years, we as a family have to move under severe restrictions. We have to give up our jobs in India, leave our family and friends, without any assurance of health cover. We would be obliged to pay for the education of our children and many other costs. How could we cope without a job?

Razwan Ali, Hyderabad

INZ keeps publicising about a customer survey. In all these years of waiting, we have never been short-listed or received any information to complete the survey!

A queued-up applicant

We received our letter of ‘Work to Visa,’ 47 months after lodging the Expression of Interest and 23 months after the interview process. This will be justified statistically as being ‘within range.’

J K Yadav, Haryana

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