Ardern must tread carefully, very carefully

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Auckland, November 20, 2020

Indian Newsink Leaders this week

                        Jacinda Ardern speaking after victory at the general election on October 17, 2020


Jacinda Ardern has emerged as the strongest Prime Minister since the advent of MMP in 1996 and one of the most powerful in the political history of New Zealand. She is certainly the most popular leader in at least 50 years. In addition, she has earned global reputation as a compassionate Prime Minister, ready to reach out to her people.

These attributes will stand in good stead during her second term of government.

A win over the Greens

An achievement for Ms Ardern was to bring the Green Party to accept a ‘Cooperation Agreement,’ allotting two important (but not sensitive) portfolios to its two Co-Leaders. The Greens, with ten Members of Parliament, will not pose any threat to the Jacinda Arden government. Instead, they will be an insurance policy for the continuance of the three-year tenure, should something go wrong.

Ms Ardern also scored well in forming a Cabinet in consultation with the Labour Caucus and with the consent of each of the Ministers and their Associates, both within and without the Cabinet. This in itself was strikingly similar to that of John Key when he established his government in 2008 after a stunning (though not a majority to govern alone) over the Labour Party.

A note of Caution

In a scenario where a single party has a clear mandate, the buck indeed stops with Ms Ardern.

It would now be incumbent on the Ministers and the Labour Caucus to rally behind their Leader and allow smooth functioning of the government.

Jacinda Ardern has once again won the battle for recognition but should not lose the peace that follows. She should tread carefully, very carefully, especially because despite being pathetic losers in the game, National would be ready to pounce on the treasury benches at every opportunity.


Ravin Lal, Founder & Publisher of Indian Newslink (15.10.1949 to 28.11.2019)


Congratulations Bosso, INL comes of age

Had he been alive today, Ravin Lal would have been flooded with phone calls, emails, and text messages congratulating him on the 21st Birth Anniversary of Indian Newslink.

Double felicitations because this is our 450th issue.

The fact that he had sold the business more than four years prior to his passing on November 28, 2019 would not have mattered. To most people, Ravin and INL were synonymous and complimentary to each other.

We would have reminisced about the early days of Indian Newslink, the challenges that we faced and oh, yes, the fire that ravaged through our office on Sunday, November 9, 2001.

The fire could only destroy material things, not our hope. Thanks to Ravin, we started functioning less than 24 hours later and published the newspaper as scheduled.

Soulful and Graceful Man

Ravin was a maverick among human beings. He set his own standards and priorities and led his life according to his will. He could not be pressurised into doing anything and was very stern that we should remain fearless and investigative.

Which is why Indian Newslink is considered to be a forthright fortnightly.  

Ravin never strayed from honesty and integrity. He was tough but very few knew how tender he was in his heart and in his approach to people and their vicissitudes.

Editorial integrity

As we mentioned earlier, Ravin was not a writer but knew how the Newsroom should function.

He believed as much on editorial integrity as he did on its independence.

He told John Key when the latter was the Prime Minister: “I have always believed in honest and fearless journalism. Indian Newslink may be a small newspaper but it follows principles and high professional standards. We have never failed to do our duty even on the face of threats and risks of legal challenges. I concentrate on the business aspects of the newspaper while highly experienced and competent professionals look after editorial and production to deliver a quality newspaper every fortnight. I am sure that this newspaper will continue to grow.”

We miss you Bosso. We offer our Prayers to the Lord to keep you happy and peace.

That is the most we can do.

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