Auckland Mayor says no Council venue for hate speeches

Venkat Raman (Indian Newslink)

Auckland, July 9, 2018

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has categorically stated that he will not allow anyone to use the Auckland Council facilities to spread hatred and deliver inciting speeches.

Speaking at the Eighth Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture held on Monday, July 9, 2018 at Pullman Hotel in Auckland, he said that Auckland is a most culturally diverse city in the world and that he would not allow people to take advantage of the tolerant and friendly attitude of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Canadian Activists

Referring to Canadian activists Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who were due to visit Auckland next month and speak at the Bruce Mason Centre on August 3, 2018, he said that as Mayor of Auckland, he had faced ‘serious abuse over the weekend.’

“I have been approached by several people expressing concern over the visit of the two Canadians. I was appalled to learn that one of the two visitors (Ms Southern) was banned from entering the United Kingdom ‘because her favourite sport is to abuse and insult the Islamic community.’ The other guy is reported to have said apparently, ‘If your skin is slightly darker in colour than mine, your IQ is lower.’ I didn’t think that we needed as a Council to provide a platform to spread such racist abusive nonsense,” he said.

“We are a tolerant, harmonious and inclusive society and we treat everybody in our society with respect,” Mr Goff said.

Nothing to Racism

He said that sometime ago he was approached by the Race Relations Office to take a pledge on ‘Give Nothing to Racism.’

“Now, you cannot make a pledge until you carry it through,” he said.

Sir Stephen Tindall, Founder-Chairman of The Warehouse Group and Chairman of Team New Zealand was the Guest Speaker at the Lecture. Minister of Ethnic Communities, Building & Construction Jenny Salesa was the Master of Ceremonies and former Member of Parliament Dr Rajen Prasad provided his Reflections on the Lecture.

Former Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand gave an overview of the Lecture series in his opening address.

Details reports and photographs of the Lecture will appear in our print and web editions and social media shortly.


Photo Caption:

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff speaking at the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture on Monday, July 9, 2018. (Indian Newslink Picture by Ronny Kumaran)


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