Auckland Police HQ to shift to new location

Police say that moving from their central Auckland Headquarters to Ponsonby will improve working conditions for staff and allow greater public access to officers.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said that the new hub on College Hill would be upgraded to accommodate the increase in workers over the coming years.

It would house nearly 400 staff and more than 150 car parks.

Improving work conditions

“This will mean improved working conditions for staff, better operational functionality, and enable more responsive policing services to the public. The new location was part of an extensive property search to improve police’s current facilities and workspace.

It would allow police to “deploy and deliver” better services.

Auckland City District Commander Karyn Malthus said that the site was beneficial due to its proximity to transport links.

“As the new police hub is very close to Ponsonby Station, we intend to relocate Ponsonby staff between the new College Hill site and Avondale station and will find an additional facility in the Auckland CBD to ensure a continued police presence in the central city area,” she said.

Police are expecting to occupy the new facility from mid-2019.

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An Artist’s rendition of new Police site in Auckland 

(Photo Supplied to RNZ)

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