Aucklander becomes People’s Choice at Ms Earth 2017

Anjini Lata does us proud in Las Vegas contest

Venkat Raman

Auckland, June 20, 2017

When ‘Mrs Earth’ and ‘Ms Earth’ Pageant was established a few years ago, it promised a great experience for women ‘everywhere to promote themselves, voice their opinions, get involved, network, promote a special cause, fulfil personal goals and have fun.’

The Pageant organisers sought “beautiful adult ladies who are married or were previously married, over the age of 21 and are well-rounded, confident, intelligent and committed to family and community.”

Since then, a few of our elegant women have achieved well in the increasingly competitive pageant.

Gratifying Choice

The latest among them is Anjini Lata, an Auckland based Real Estate professional. She was crowned, ‘Ms Earth People’s Choice 2017’ at the competition held in Las Vegas last weekend. Back home with the Title and a heart full of gratitude and sense of satisfaction, Anjini has had time to reflect on the glamour and spotlight.

“Although I represented Fiji at the pageant, I am well tied to my Indian roots and take pleasure in describing myself as a ‘Fiji-born Indian woman, living and working in Auckland as a New Zealander. There is a certain charm and dignity in being so. It was a moment of honour, dignity and pride in Las Vegas when my name was announced as the ‘People’s Choice,” she told Indian Newslink this evening.

Like Mother Earth, motherhood takes priority in the life of this 38-year-old woman whose world revolves around her teenage son, currently pursuing his university education.

“He is my greatest strength,” she said.

Other Honours

Winning in contests is not new to Anjini. Among the other Awards that she has thus far won include ‘Mrs Charity at Mrs India New Zealand’ (2015), ‘Mrs New Zealand’ (2016) and ‘Mrs Community Service’ (2016), a Special Award given to a person for ‘Her outstanding performance and for being an inspiration for other women.’

Varying qualifications

Striking a balance between traditional values and modern style of living, Anjini is a pragmatic woman, who loves her family, friends and her profession. As a real estate consultant, she is a people’s person, and it shows in her conversation.

“I love helping people in need because I strongly believe this is the most important thing on earth – to bring happiness in anyone’s life,” she said.

Charity work

As a Board Member of Life International Charitable Trust, she helps senior citizens to enjoy their life and be a part of the society. She also helps international students to settle well and works closely with officials to ensure health and safety of children.

“Most important of all, I believe in the empowerment of women who have lost their husbands. They deserve a chance to achieve their dreams and progress in their life and career. I am equally privileged to be involved in several charitable organisations such as Starship Children’s Foundation, St John, Pink Ribbon, Breast Cancer Foundation and Women’s Refuge New Zealand,” she said.

Among her passions are reading Romantic novels and watching horror movies and travelling. She could be a perfect model for Coffee advertisements, since she takes to the drink at a mere mention.

“I love to visit every country; that is my Bucket List Dream. I believe in living irrevocably.

You do not have to be Size 8 or have lots of Botox. A genuine smile and a good heart can win people and make friends,” Anjini said.

Another Report with more pictures of Anjini Lata will appear in the print edition of Indian Newslink dated July 1, 2017.

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