Baduli 2019 brings out Uttarakhandi talent

Baduli 2019 brings out Uttarakhandi talent

Venkat Raman

Auckland, April 21, 2019

Posted from Venue at 1230 pm

Ramya Negi in an Uttarakhand Costume (INL Picture)

Ramya Negi in a colourful Uttarakhand costume (INL Picture)

About 500 people are attending ‘Baduli’ an annual programme of the Uttarakhand Association of Nee Zealand (UANZ) at Avondale College Auditorium in Auckland. A team of artistes from Uttarakhand, including the legendary Narendra Singh Negi, Kushi Joshi and Kishan Mahipal, supported by a highly talented Orchestra are entertaining the audience. 
India’s Outgoing High Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli is the Chief Guest at the event with UANZ Chief Patron Dr Rajen Prasad as a Special Guest. 

Narendra Singh Negi with Kushi Joshi and Kishan Mahipal

Pristine Land
Mr Kohli spoke about the pristine Uttarakhand which ‘in no way is less beautiful than New Zealand.’ 
“It is great to see people of Uttarakhand promoting their art and culture in New Zealand. While in the past three years we have bought the Indian Diaspora to celebrate India’s national events such as the Republic Day and Independence Day, it is good to see such ‘State’ events,” he said. 
Dr Prasad said that associations such as UANZ should provide opportunities for other New Zealanders to understand other cultures. 
“How much do other New Zealanders understand and participate in the cultures of other citizens and how can we ensure our cultures are understood that leads other New Zealanders to say this is a part of contemporary New Zealand?” he asked. 
Earlier, UANZ Chairman Dr U D Saklani outlines the activities of the Association and said that it has been supporting the Starship Foundation. 

About the Programme

Indian Newslink Managing Director Jacob Mannothra with Dr Rajen Prasad

‘Baduli’ programmes of the Association usually feature popular instruments including Tabla, Dholak, Bansuri (Indian Flute), Guitar, Keyboard, Octopad in the musical ensemble. Some of Uttarakhand’s indigenous instruments are also shown and played to the public. These may include Dhol Damau and Hudka (types of drums) and Morchang (Jaw Harp).
‘Baduli’ means ‘hiccup’, is a word that is typically used in Uttarakhand folklore while attributing the occurrence of a hiccup to a loved one or relative thinking of you.
For Uttarakhandis, both in India and overseas, ‘Baduli’ has acquired a larger meaning in their lives as they indulge from time to time in fond reminiscences of their homeland and its people, regardless of the occasional hiccup.
It comes as no surprise then that the word, Baduli, was an apt choice for a series of events organised by Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand to celebrate the heritage, culture and traditions of Uttarakhand in North India.
Uttarakhand is revered as the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or ‘Abode of Gods.’

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