Baduli promises cultural extravaganza of Uttarakhand

Baduli promises cultural extravaganza of Uttarakhand

The cultural heritage and creative talent of the people of Uttarakhand will come to the fore at an event scheduled to be held in Auckland next weekend.

‘Baduli 2019,’ a music programme organised by the Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ) is scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 21, 2019 from 11 am at Avondale College, located at 51 Victor Street in Avondale.

Tickets for the Easter Sunday event are now on sale. Details can be obtained from Kaman Singh on 021-1263586 or Jot Bisht on 021-736759.

About the Programme

‘Baduli’ programmes of the Association usually feature popular instruments including Tabla, Dholak, Bansuri (Indian Flute), Guitar, Keyboard, Octopad in the musical ensemble. Some of Uttarakhand’s indigenous instruments are also shown and played to the public. These may include Dhol Damau and Hudka (types of drums) and Morchang (Jaw Harp).

‘Baduli’ means ‘hiccup’, is a word that is typically used in Uttarakhand folklore while attributing the occurrence of a hiccup to a loved one or relative thinking of you.

For Uttarakhandis, both in India and overseas, ‘Baduli’ has acquired a larger meaning in their lives as they indulge from time to time in fond reminiscences of their homeland and its people, regardless of the occasional hiccup.

It comes as no surprise then that the word, Baduli, was an apt choice for a series of events organised by Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand to celebrate the heritage, culture and traditions of Uttarakhand in North India.

Uttarakhand is revered as the ‘Dev  Bhoomi’  or ‘Abode of  Gods.’

Baduli 2017 

‘Baduli 2017’ was one such musical programme that promised and delivered not only entertainment but also showcased Uttarakhand’s indigenous musical instruments such as the ‘Dhol Damau’ and the ‘Hudka’ (types of drums) and Morchang (Jaw Harp) to the Uttarakhand and Indian Diaspora as well as to all other New Zealanders.

The ‘Baduli 2019’ team, along with the support of its sponsors and others, has worked tirelessly to create a programme of fun and cultural extravaganza.

This Programme would also provide an opportunity for the audience to enjoy and learn something new about the culture of Uttrakhand through its soulful music right from the heart of the mystic mountains.

We sincerely hope that you would enjoy the ‘Baduli Souvenir’ book.

We would like to thank all our audience and members for their contribution towards this event. A part of the proceeds will be given to Starship Foundation, which does a commendable job of keeping Tamariki New Zealand safe and healthy.

About the Artistes

Narendra Singh Negi is one of the most prominent folk singers of Uttarakhand. He started  his  music  career  by  releasing ‘Garhwali Geetmala.’

His first album  was titled ‘Buraans.’ He has sung over 1000 songs.

Although he composed most of his music in the folk genre, his lyrics depict a huge range of  anxieties, tensions and human insights of the people of Uttarakhand.

Songs like ‘Naya  Zamana Ka Choron,’ which show generational disparity, ‘Bot Chitthi Kile Ni Bhezi,’ depicting the innocence of adolescent love and ‘Tehri Doobhana Lagyun Cha,’ which shows the pain of people losing their homes are some his hits.

He has also given his voice in Garhwali movies such as ‘Chakrachal,’ ‘Gharjawai’ and ‘Meri Ganga  Holi Ta Maima  Aali.’

Hindi film industry singers  including Udit  Narayan,  Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle,  Purnima, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha  Paudwal and Jaspal have performed in Garhwali films under his music direction.

Kiran Joshi is a talented singer who has performed in many languages. She has participated in many national and international shows and is a recipient of many awards.

Kishan Singh Mahipal is one of the most celebrated folk singers and music directors of Uttarakhand. Among his popular albums are ‘O Re Saangli,’ ‘Aye Janu Re,’ ‘Seminya Boji,’ ‘Surima,’ and ‘Phayoladila.’

A lyricist, composer and director, Kishan has won several awards including ‘Uttarakhand Bhusan,’ ‘Youth Icon,’ and UFA.

Anurag Negi is a rhythm artiste and has been featured in almost all hit songs of Uttarakhand. He has also performed in various national and international shows.

Mohan C Joshi is a talented flute player of Uttarakhand. He has performed with all the eminent artistes and bands of Uttarakhand. He lives performances are telecast on TV Channels in India.

Khushi Joshi is a talent singer who has performed in many languages. She has appeared in many national and international shows and won awards.

Satendra Singh is a master of Dholak and is associated with many reputed bands of Uttarakhand.

Vinod Chauhan is a music director and composer with more than 20 years of experience. He has worked with almost all generations of musicians and has composed more than 1000 music folk songs. Some of his hits songs are ‘Mei Bamri,’ ‘Bo Surela,’ ‘Dadu Goria,’ ‘Meru Mohna’ and ‘Chakote Ki Parwati.’


What: ‘Baduli 2019’
Who: Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ)
When: Sunday, April 21, 2019 from 11 am
Where: Avondale College

51 Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland 1026

Contact: Kaman Singh, Mobile: 021-1263586

Jot Bisht, Mobile: 021-736759

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