Bank pursues sporting excellence

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Bank pursues sporting excellence- Prahlad GuptaCommercial banks have since long supported sporting activities including sponsorship of matches and events.

Many banks in India also appoint achievers in its complement of officers and staff.

Bank of Baroda New Zealand Limited is keen to motivate younger members of the community to pursue sports, and see them attain excellence.

The Bank is the Sponsor of the ‘Best Young Male Sports Achiever’ (9-14 years) 2014’ of the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.

Managing Director Prahlad Gupta said that the Indian community in New Zealand has produced a number of achievers in several categories of sports and that Bank of Baroda New Zealand Limited would support activities that promote talent.

“We hope that initiatives such as the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards will encourage an increasing number of young people to take up sports as a part of their activities. We have immense talent, which deserves encouragement,” he said.

Good initiative

Mr Gupta said that his Bank will always patronise initiatives and efforts that are aimed at catering to the welfare of New Zealanders in general and members of the communities that the Bank serves in particular.

“Bank of Baroda believes that good sports lead to good health, which in turn leads to good human development,” he said.

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